3D printing enhances training for cleft lip repair
November 2, 2018 -- A 3D-printed skull base provided surgical residents with the opportunity to simulate cleft lip repair on a physical model -- a more interactive alternative to the standard practice of training in virtual reality, according to an article published online November 1 in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery.  Discuss
Augmented reality heightens accuracy of brain procedure
October 16, 2018 -- Researchers from China used augmented reality technology to visualize brain CT scans directly on the head of a patient for a neurosurgical procedure -- markedly improving the procedure's accuracy compared with standard methods, according to an article published online October 16 in the Journal of Neurosurgery.  Discuss
Cinematic rendering enhances ovarian cancer evaluation
October 12, 2018 -- The photorealistic detail provided by cinematically rendered CT scans helped researchers from China characterize and stage ovarian tumors better than they could with traditional volume rendering and multiplanar reconstruction, according to an article published online in the Journal of Ovarian Research.  Discuss
3D printing boosts efficiency of rib fracture repair
October 11, 2018 -- Researchers from Taiwan have created 3D-printed models of rib structures based on chest CT scans to facilitate presurgical planning for rib fracture stabilization. The technique led to reductions in operating time and length of surgical incisions, according to an article recently published online in PLOS One.  Discuss
3D-printed head phantom helps calibrate 7T MRI
October 1, 2018 -- Researchers from Pennsylvania have created a patient-specific 3D-printed head phantom that may facilitate the testing of new protocols on 7-tesla MRI scanners.  Discuss
Virtual reality, 3D printing resolve obscure lung cancer
September 28, 2018 -- Researchers from South Korea used a combination of virtual reality and 3D printing technology to identify and determine the best course of treatment for a lung cancer that was otherwise indiscernible on conventional CT scans, according to a report published online September 25 in Thoracic Cancer.  Discuss
How can virtual reality bolster image interpretation?
September 24, 2018 -- Integrating virtual reality directly into the radiology workflow can offer radiologists new, intuitive ways to interact with medical imaging data, both individually and in concert with other physicians, say researchers from Canada in an article recently published online in the Journal of Digital Imaging.  Discuss