Is virtual reality in radiology becoming a reality?
February 14, 2018 -- Virtual reality is by no means a new technology, but recent developments have given it new life, enabling it to spread from gaming and consumer markets into industries such as manufacturing and healthcare. Will the healthcare move be hard? Ulrik Kristensen of Signify Research offers a perspective.  Discuss
Augmented reality projects medical images onto patients
February 5, 2018 -- Researchers from Canada have developed a new augmented reality software that uses a motion-tracking device to display patients' medical images -- such as from CT or MRI exams -- directly onto their body, even as they move.  Discuss
3D printing enters brave new world
January 31, 2018 -- The idea of printing human tissues and organs for implantation is not the stuff of science fiction anymore. It is a real prospect that will open new frontiers in medicine in less than a decade, delegates were told at this week's Arab Health congress in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  Discuss
Rotational angiography is viable for 3D-printed hearts
January 29, 2018 -- Creating 3D-printed hearts based on rotational angiograms is an effective alternative to using images from CT and MR, according to a recent study published in Pediatric Cardiology. These 3D-printed heart models can help physicians evaluate patients and prepare for upcoming procedures.  Discuss
New technique changes colors of 3D-printed objects
January 29, 2018 -- Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a new 3D printing technique that enables users to alter the color of 3D-printed objects made out of photochromic ink by exposing them to ultraviolet light.  Discuss
Cinematic rendering aids diagnosis in aortic complication
January 26, 2018 -- Cinematic rendering is capable of enhancing the visualization of CT scans. But does it provide diagnostic value beyond standard imaging techniques? The answer was yes for the interpretation of a complex aortic scenario detailed in a new study published in Emergency Radiology.  Discuss