AHRA: Is clinical decision support a blessing or curse?
July 21, 2015 -- Imaging has been under scrutiny, with policymakers touting techniques such as prior authorization and clinical decision support (CDS) as ways to reduce inappropriate exams. But how effective are these techniques, particularly CDS? It's not yet clear, according to a presentation given this week at the AHRA annual meeting in Las Vegas.
eHealth, Quality Health Network collaborate in Colo.
July 21, 2015 -- Electronic health records firm eHealth Technologies and health information exchange Quality Health Network have begun offering image exchange services in western Colorado.
Zotec launches new management module
July 17, 2015 -- Medical billing firm Zotec Partners has launched a new radiology management module.
ADP AdvancedMD upgrades EHR for multiple browsers
July 16, 2015 -- ADP AdvancedMD announced that its cloud electronic health record (EHR) platform is now available for use with Apple Safari and Google Chrome browsers, in addition to Internet Explorer 11.
Accuray, RaySearch collaborate on oncology info system
July 13, 2015 -- Radiation oncology firm Accuray and RaySearch Laboratories have signed a long-term collaboration agreement that allows Accuray to comarket and offer the RayCare oncology information system currently being developed by RaySearch.
New help available for transition to ICD-10
July 6, 2015 -- In preparation for the switch from version 9 of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) to ICD-10 coding for medical diagnoses and inpatient hospital procedures, two groups have released additional guidance.
U.S. imaging big-data market on the rise
July 2, 2015 -- The market for big-data analysis tools in medical imaging produced $39 million in revenues in 2014 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 16% to reach $82 million by 2019, according to a report from market research firm Frost & Sullivan.
ADS adds e-faxing capability to MedicsRIS
July 1, 2015 -- Radiology IT provider Advanced Data Systems (ADS) has teamed up with technology provider Softlinx to add e-faxing capability to its MedicsRIS software.
Mobile health market predicted to explode
July 1, 2015 -- Led by the monitoring services sector, the global market for mobile health (mHealth) technology is expected to surge from $1.95 billion U.S. (1.76 billion euros) in 2012 to $49.1 billion U.S. (44.31 billion euros) by 2020, according to a report from market research firm Grand View Research.
Healthcare cloud computing market on the rise
July 1, 2015 -- The worldwide healthcare cloud computing market will grow at a 20.5% compound annual growth rate to reach $9.48 billion U.S. (8.56 billion euros) in revenues by 2020, according to a new report from research firm MarketsandMarkets.