Top 10 lessons for planning enterprise imaging strategy
November 21, 2016 -- It can be tough to allot time for strategic planning in today's busy world. But it's definitely worth the effort to develop a detailed and meaningful strategic plan for enterprise imaging, according to a November 17 webinar sponsored by the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine.
3 questions to shape the future of AI and radiology
November 16, 2016 -- The introduction of disruptive healthcare technologies rarely threatens the role of the clinician -- but radiology is fast becoming the exception. In this column, Dr. Christopher Austin of GE Healthcare suggests three questions that radiologists should ask themselves if they want to lead and not follow the changes that are coming.
PACS can shorten hospital stays, but challenges remain
November 14, 2016 -- PACS not only improves efficiency and clinical decision-making but also shortens hospital stays, a study from Saudi Arabia has found. Major challenges to PACS usage remain, however, particularly the time taken to find images, recurrent system downtime, and insufficient training.
Can one PACS display be just as good as two?
November 8, 2016 -- Radiologists can be faster and achieve the same level of diagnostic performance on one 8-megapixel PACS display as they can using a common dual 5-megapixel display configuration, according to research published online recently in the Journal of Digital Imaging.
Article suggests digital technology has ruined radiology
October 27, 2016 -- Has digital technology -- specifically PACS -- ruined radiology as a medical specialty? That's the provocative suggestion of a new article published on October 25.
Straight Talk From the PACSman: A PACS-centric RSNA?
October 21, 2016 -- It's time to change how PACS is shown at the annual RSNA meeting in Chicago, according to PACS consultant Michael J. Cannavo, aka the PACSman. Vendors and prospective purchasers alike would benefit greatly from an exhibit hall dedicated just to PACS and related imaging informatics technologies.
Doctors beat computers in head-to-head diagnostic test
October 12, 2016 -- Artificial intelligence may be the future of healthcare, but it's not there yet. That could be the lesson from a head-to-head test that pitted a group of internal medicine physicians against a commonly used symptom-checker app for diagnosing a set of clinical conditions.
IBM Watson unites with Siemens in population health play
October 11, 2016 -- Two corporate giants are joining forces in an aggressive bid to make big-data analysis a reality for managing population health. IBM has signed an agreement with Siemens Healthineers that makes its Watson Health artificial intelligence technology available to Siemens customers.
Will machine learning turn radiologists into losers?
October 5, 2016 -- Machine learning will "displace much of the work of radiologists" and other physicians who rely on interpreting digitized images, according to an opinion article published September 29 in the New England Journal of Medicine.
The 3 biggest threats to radiology
October 3, 2016 -- Radiology has long been an attractive field for physicians-in-training, with its generous salaries, (relatively) low rates of malpractice claims, and the consistent challenge of technological advances. But the field faces at least three threats going forward, according to an article published online in the Journal of the American College of Radiology.
CIO Focus
SIIM: Will your VNA become the flip phone of the future?
PORTLAND, OR - Could your vendor-neutral archive (VNA) someday become the equivalent of the Motorola Razr flip phone -- a once-cool technology that fails to change with the times? Make sure it doesn't, according to a Thursday panel at the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) 2016 meeting.
Expert Corner
Mr. Michael Cannavo
Mr. Michael Cannavo
As the PACSman, Michael J. Cannavo provides a wealth of insight based on his unique experiences in PACS and imaging informatics.