What do your patients see when they Google you?
September 1, 2016 -- Before the internet, patients who wanted to learn more about their healthcare providers had to rely on word-of-mouth networks. Now, patients can easily search for information about individual physicians -- and radiologists need to know what they're finding.
4 tips for using Facebook for patient outreach
August 30, 2016 -- Let's face it: More and more patients are using social media platforms like Facebook to find health information. And no matter how radiologists personally feel about this trend, it's crucial to utilize social tools for patient outreach.
ICD-10-CM changes and challenges for radiology
August 29, 2016 -- The October 1 deadline to begin using the ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes is looming. Are you ready for the upcoming changes? Donna Richmond of Panacea Healthcare Solutions walks you through them.
Imaging accreditation with quality and ease: Part 4
August 26, 2016 -- In the fourth installment of this series, Judith Buckland from consulting firm CardioServ offers more tips on how to comply with the latest accreditation requirements for quality improvement from the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission.
5 tips to get a grip on your radiology practice's metrics
August 24, 2016 -- As a radiologist, how much do you really know about how well your practice is running from a financial perspective? In this article, Don Rodden of HealthPro Medical Billing offers five tips for analyzing your practice's performance and making sure it's achieving its full potential.
Can we talk? Chats with surgeons change treatment plans
August 22, 2016 -- In-person consults between radiologists and acute care surgeons led to changes in medical and/or surgical planning in approximately 40% of cases, according to a study published in the August issue of the Journal of the American College of Radiology.
Female physicians still paid less than male colleagues
August 16, 2016 -- Female doctors earn less than their male peers -- and it's time to stop using the same old theories to explain why, according to a study published online August 15 in the Postgraduate Medical Journal.
How to avoid radiology claim denials: Authorization
August 15, 2016 -- In part 3 of a series on why radiology claims are denied, Sandy Coffta of Healthcare Administrative Partners addresses authorization and its role in denied claims for imaging procedures. Taking care of procedure authorization upfront can help prevent headaches down the road, she advises.
Assigning E&M codes for interventional radiology
August 11, 2016 -- Can interventional radiologists (IRs) bill evaluation and management (E&M) codes? What do Medicare's global surgery rules have to say about when and how to assign them? Donna Richmond from Panacea Healthcare Solutions offers advice.
ACR projects 16% job growth for radiologists in 2016
August 10, 2016 -- The number of new jobs available for radiologists in 2016 will be 16% higher than those available in 2015, according to the fifth annual workforce survey by the Commission on Human Resources at the American College of Radiology (ACR). The study was published online August 3 in the Journal of the American College of Radiology.