Imaging Forward: How medical imaging is transforming medicine
March 14, 2014 -- Earlier this month, the Medical Imaging and Technology Alliance (MITA) launched Imaging Forward, a campaign to draw awareness to medical imaging's contributions to medicine. In this opinion article, MITA Executive Director Gail Rodriguez, PhD, describes how technology that was once unimaginable is now the standard of care.
ACR, 40 orgs call for Medicare coverage of CT lung screening
March 13, 2014 -- The American College of Radiology (ACR) and 40 other medical organizations and healthcare providers are calling for full Medicare coverage for low-dose CT lung cancer screening.
Radiology's top tweeters: Dr. Geraldine McGinty
March 13, 2014 -- With a Twitter following of more than 1,600, Dr. Geraldine McGinty is a social media force to be reckoned with. As part of our ongoing series on radiologists who tweet, spoke with McGinty, who explained her belief that Twitter can get the word out about radiology's role in delivering quality healthcare.
Nuclear medicine patient survey finds mixed results
March 12, 2014 -- Researchers from Egypt studied patient satisfaction at a nuclear medicine department and found that while the patients were satisfied with the department's infrastructure, they didn't like wait times and how they were informed of their procedures. Changes have already been made in response to the survey.
Dr. Michael Fuchsjäger on radiology jobs in the Middle East
March 8, 2014 -- Dr. Michael Fuchsjäger, from the Medical University of Graz in Austria, discusses the growing employment opportunities for Western radiologists in the Middle East. He also shares his own experience of working and living with his family in the United Arab Emirates, and offers some advice for those considering working in the region.
New radiographers outperform older counterparts at breast positioning
March 7, 2014 -- VIENNA - Older does not connote wiser, at least in the case of breast radiographers. In a surprising study from the Netherlands presented on Thursday at ECR 2014, researchers found that new radiographers performed better than experienced ones in terms of breast positioning.
President's 2015 budget proposal: Political, not practical
March 5, 2014 -- The Obama administration has released its 2015 budget plan, which largely reflects proposals that were included in the 2014 budget and will most likely not affect medical imaging -- for better or for worse, according to the American College of Radiology.
MICI Q1: Reimbursement concerns still dominate
March 4, 2014 -- Concerns over reimbursement continue to weigh heavily on the minds of radiology administrators, according to the latest numbers from the Medical Imaging Confidence Index (MICI). Administrators surveyed for the index's first quarter expressed lower optimism that they would be adequately reimbursed by Medicare.
Controversy embroils Kan. radiologist's U.S. Senate run
February 27, 2014 -- A Kansas radiologist running for U.S. Senate is also running afoul of critics for posting x-rays of fatal gunshot wounds on his personal Facebook page and allegedly joking about the images, according to a report published February 22 in the Topeka Capital-Journal.
Radiology's top tweeters: Dr. Garry Choy
February 25, 2014 -- With more than 5,700 Twitter followers, Dr. Garry Choy has the second-highest following among radiologists on Twitter. As part of our ongoing series on radiologists who tweet, spoke with Choy, who believes social media tools like Twitter are powerful for healthcare professionals.