Radiology's top tweeters: Dr. Garry Choy
February 25, 2014 -- With more than 5,700 Twitter followers, Dr. Garry Choy has the second-highest following among radiologists on Twitter. As part of our ongoing series on radiologists who tweet, spoke with Choy, who believes social media tools like Twitter are powerful for healthcare professionals.
How many radiology trainees are enough?
February 21, 2014 -- As healthcare reform continues to roll out, radiologists find they are being challenged on all fronts. Not only have radiology procedure volumes slowed, the job market remains tight, making it difficult to determine how many radiologists should be trained going forward.
Imaging looms large on new list of low-value emergency exams
February 19, 2014 -- If one list of unnecessary medical procedures is good, then two lists should be better, right? That could be the thinking behind a new list released this week in JAMA Internal Medicine of unnecessary tests in emergency medicine that are driving up healthcare costs. And the new list takes aim specifically at medical imaging.
Radiology's top tweeters: Dr. Rich Duszak
February 12, 2014 -- If radiology had a dean of Twitter, it would be Dr. Rich Duszak. Known by his nom de tweet @RichDuszak, he has a Twitter following approaching 10,000 -- by far the largest among radiologists. As part of a new series on radiologists and social media, spoke with Duszak about what motivated him to take to Twitter.
CMS launches public comment period for CT lung screening
February 11, 2014 -- In another move toward Medicare payment for CT lung cancer screening, the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on February 10 opened up a 30-day public comment period regarding a proposal to make CT screening for high-risk individuals one of Medicare's covered preventive services.
JACR: Study confirms slowdown in CT use among private payors
February 10, 2014 -- The use of CT has increased over the past 15 years faster than other forms of imaging, leading to concerns about overuse and radiation exposure. But since 2009, CT's growth rate has slowed among privately insured patients, according to a study in the February issue of the Journal of the American College of Radiology.
Are you ready to comply with new radiation safety rules?
February 6, 2014 -- Radiation safety is no longer just a legal issue for imaging facilities in states such as California and Texas that have adopted new radiation reporting laws. With the publication of new diagnostic imaging standards by the Joint Commission, all imaging sites soon will have to comply with dose reporting. Are you ready?
Study renews call for less frequent breast cancer screening
February 4, 2014 -- The U.S. could save billions of dollars each year by offering breast cancer screening to women every two years rather than on an annual basis, according to a study in the February 4 issue of Annals of Internal Medicine. But mammography proponents are already stepping up to dispute the study's findings.
Arab Health: UAE technologists find roles transformed
January 29, 2014 -- DUBAI - Not long ago, being a radiographer/radiologic technologist meant being an x-ray technician with limited responsibilities. But technology, demographics, and the rapidly evolving needs of the imaging department have changed the picture globally -- and especially in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Rad interactions with referring docs boost outpatient volumes
January 28, 2014 -- When radiologists get involved in direct sales and marketing efforts to referring physicians, it can have a significant positive effect on referral patterns, according to research presented at the recent RSNA 2013 meeting.