RBMA: How to restructure your imaging center
May 21, 2013 -- At no other time in history has there been such rapid change in healthcare -- particularly in radiology, according to a May 21 talk at the Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA) meeting. To thrive in such an environment, imaging centers need to understand the options for restructuring their business.
Key to clinician interaction? Location, location, location
May 16, 2013 -- Want more personal interaction with your referring physicians? Try moving your reading rooms out of the basement and into clinical areas. A new study in the Journal of the American College of Radiology found that such "embedded" reading rooms resulted in a big jump in personal visits from clinicians.
Health Affairs: Cancer patients face higher bankruptcy risk
May 15, 2013 -- Individuals diagnosed with cancer are at least 2.5 times more likely to declare bankruptcy than those without cancer, according to a study of patients in Washington state published online May 15 in Health Affairs.
Technologists' CT training called woefully inadequate
May 15, 2013 -- CT might be the mainstay of medical imaging, but the basic curriculum for radiologic technologist training hardly mentions the modality, and training centers that do teach it are few and far between, according to a talk on May 10 at the Virtual Symposium on Radiation Safety and Computed Tomography.
Adding dose, cost info to decision support sways exam ordering
May 10, 2013 -- Educating referring physicians about radiation dose and the cost of imaging exams can prompt as many as half of them to change their orders for imaging studies, according to a study published online in the journal Medical Care.
California's breast density notification law -- 1 month in
May 9, 2013 -- It's been just over 30 days since California's version of breast density notification legislation went into effect. How is the law affecting clinical practice in the state's breast centers? Although they are complying, many breast imagers are skeptical of its value.
ED trumps hospital inpatient as source for imaging referrals
May 7, 2013 -- Today's radiologists are reading more imaging exams from emergency departments (ED) and fewer from hospital inpatient departments than radiologists 10 years ago, according to a new study published online in the Journal of the American College of Radiology.
Health Affairs: Healthcare slowdown is saving U.S. money
May 6, 2013 -- The recent slowdown in the growth of healthcare costs in the U.S. could be a sign of long-term trends rather than a result of the recession, according to a new research paper in Health Affairs. If the hypothesis is correct, it could mean that the U.S. could save as much as $770 billion in Medicare spending over the next 10 years.
JACR: Radiology 'citizenship' key to specialty's health
May 2, 2013 -- Saying it's time for radiologists to give back, a new article in the Journal of the American College of Radiology calls on medical imaging professionals to recognize their responsibility to protect their specialty. The authors believe this concept of "citizenship" is key to defending radiology against future threats.
MICI Q2: Confidence low in Medicare payment rates
April 30, 2013 -- Radiology administrators are confident that their internal costs will remain constant and their practices will maintain or increase growth in the coming months, according to Medical Imaging Confidence Index (MICI) data. But they're not so sure they'll receive adequate reimbursement from Medicare for diagnostic and interventional imaging.
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