ACC: CT detects blood clots that reduce valve motion
March 20, 2017 -- CT detects small clots surrounding valve leaflets after transcatheter aortic valve replacement that are missed on echocardiography studies, concludes new research presented at the just-concluded American College of Cardiology (ACC) meeting in Washington, DC. Reduced valve motion after the procedure may be a sign of the condition, the researchers said.
Counseling visits help patients understand CT screening
March 15, 2017 -- Individuals who completed counseling visits prior to CT lung cancer screening exams demonstrated greater knowledge of the studies after the sessions, including a better understanding of screening's benefits and harms, according to a study published in the March edition of Chest.
Which orthopedic imaging options are the safest?
March 15, 2017 -- Pediatric orthopedic imaging patients who need surgery often receive more x-rays and CT scans than nonsurgical patients, and orthopedic surgeons should seek options to reduce radiation exposure, according to research being presented this week at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons 2017 annual meeting.
CTA plus stress tests help predict heart attacks
March 14, 2017 -- CT angiography (CTA) and CT stress myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) can help predict heart attacks -- and offer the benefit of being less invasive than the traditional combination of coronary angiography and SPECT MPI stress tests, according to a study published online March 14 in Radiology.
Color mapping boosts vessel interpretation in stroke CT
March 6, 2017 -- VIENNA - Color mapping of cerebral vasculature in 4D CT angiography speeds interpretation and may improve accuracy in the detection of vessel occlusions in acute stroke patients, researchers said on Sunday at ECR 2017.
ECR 2017 stands tall as showcase for product launches
March 4, 2017 -- VIENNA - The European Congress of Radiology in recent years has come into its own as a showcase for new launches of medical imaging products. ECR 2017 was no exception, with a variety of new scanner debuts in MRI, CT, and other modalities.
Chest CT with iterative recon achieves x-ray doses
March 4, 2017 -- VIENNA - Chest CT scans acquired at radiation doses as low as an x-ray showed lesions of all kinds conspicuously, using the latest dual-source CT scanner and iterative reconstruction. Individualized approaches tailored to specific lesion types cut the dose even further, researchers said on Friday at ECR 2017.
Video from ECR 2017: Dr. Martine Rémy-Jardin on pulmonary embolism
March 3, 2017 -- VIENNA - When you mention pulmonary embolism (PE), the chances are you will think of Dr. Martine Rémy-Jardin, PhD, head of the cardiothoracic imaging department at the University Centre of Lille in France. In this video interview, she speaks about persistent controversies in PE and how to optimize patient management.
CAD beats readers for subsolid lung nodules
March 3, 2017 -- VIENNA - A computer-aided detection (CAD) scheme outperformed experienced human readers in detecting subsolid nodules as well as cancers in data from more than 2,000 lung cancer screening subjects, researchers reported on Thursday at ECR 2017.
Low-osmolar contrast tied to hypotension
March 2, 2017 -- VIENNA - Patients receiving low-osmolar (but not iso-osmolar) contrast agents under anesthesia are prone to systemic, self-limited periods of hypotension, researchers reported on Wednesday at ECR 2017.