Study finds emergency CT use leads to diagnosis changes
October 9, 2015 -- A new study in Radiology is offering a riposte to those who question whether CT is being overused to evaluate patients in the emergency department. The review of more than 1,200 patient cases found that the use of CT often led to changes in patient management.
Study: Skip CT in most blunt emergency trauma cases
October 7, 2015 -- Doctors can safely forego CT imaging in more than one-third of emergency blunt trauma cases by using clinical criteria to assess patients rather than automatically sending them to imaging, according to a study of more than 11,000 patients that was published October 6 in PLOS Medicine.
USPSTF foils CT colonography screening again
October 6, 2015 -- In a draft recommendation released today, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) appears to have thrown CT colonography under the bus again, excluding the CT-based exam from its list of recommended colorectal cancer screening tests.
CT lung cancer screening doesn't boost surgical rate
October 5, 2015 -- A CT lung cancer screening program that included cardiothoracic surgeons and standardized reporting demonstrated a low rate of surgeries for patients without lung cancer, according to a paper from Massachusetts researchers published in the October Annals of Thoracic Surgery.
ACP: Routine CT for suspected PE is unnecessary
September 29, 2015 -- CT should not be used routinely to evaluate patients with suspected pulmonary embolism (PE); instead, they should be evaluated using clinical guidelines, according to a September 29 paper in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Using CT too soon results in unnecessary harm and expense, concludes the American College of Physicians (ACP) report.
CTC cheaper than colonoscopy for Medicare patients
September 25, 2015 -- Screening CT colonography (CTC) is almost a third less expensive than colonoscopy in Medicare patients, according to a new report in Abdominal Imaging. The results are promising for what advocates hope is imminent approval of Medicare payment for the CT-based test.
Study: Emergency patients get duplicate x-ray, CT exams
September 24, 2015 -- If Domino's can track pizzas from order through delivery, why can't we keep better track of patients? That's the question raised by a new study in the Journal of the American College of Radiology that found that many emergency patients got duplicate x-ray and CT exams because doctors weren't sure if their initial orders had been completed.
Pulmonologists' views vary on CT lung screening
September 21, 2015 -- Now that CT lung cancer screening guidelines are formally in place, will clinicians actually advise eligible patients to get screened? The answer is yes and no, according to a survey of pulmonologists published online September 14 in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society.
Advanced image processing boosts neck tumor assessment
September 21, 2015 -- Which image postprocessing techniques are best for evaluating tumors of the trachea and bronchus? Multiplanar reformations, volume rendering, and virtual bronchoscopy each have their roles, concludes a new study in PLOS One.
Optical colonoscopy misses polyps detected on CTC
September 10, 2015 -- More than 20% of polyps detected at CT colonography (CTC) may be missed at subsequent optical colonoscopy, according to a study in Radiology. What's more, most of the missed polyps were large and clinically significant.