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Enterography reading list

Looking to get started in CT or MR enterography? Learn more about the state-of-the-art research behind this new procedure with this reading list, including both review articles and original research from clinical trials.


CT enteroclysis (Radiology, December 2007, Vol. 245:3, pp. 661-671).

CT enterography: Principles, trends, and interpretation of findings (Radiographics, November-December 2010, Vol. 30:7, pp. 1955-1974).

CT enterography as a diagnostic tool in evaluating small bowel disorders: Review of clinical experience with over 700 cases. (Radiographics, May-June 2006, Vol. 26:3, pp. 641-657).

New progress in CT and MRI examination and diagnosis of small intestinal tumors (World Journal Gastrointestinal Oncology, May 2010, Vol. 2:5, pp. 222-228).

The smaller bowel: Imaging the small bowel in paediatric Crohn's disease (Postgraduate Medical Journal, April 2011, Vol. 87:2, pp. 288-297).

Clinical trials

Benefits of computed tomography enterography in Crohn's disease: Effects on patient management and physician level of confidence (Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, February 17, 2011, e-pub ahead of print).

Computed tomographic enterography adds information to clinical management in small bowel Crohn's disease (Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, March 2007, Vol. 13:3, pp. 262-268).

Computed tomography enterography detects intestinal wall changes and effects of treatment in patients with Crohn's disease (Gastroenterology and Hepatology, August 2011, Vol. 9:8, pp. 679-683).

CT enterography and fistulizing Crohn's disease: clinical benefit and radiographic findings (Abdominal Imaging, July 2009, Vol. 34:4, pp. 467-475).

Effects of altering automatic exposure control settings and quality reference mAs on radiation dose, image quality, and diagnostic efficacy in MDCT enterography of active inflammatory Crohn's disease (American Journal of Roentgenology, July 2010, Vol. 195:1, pp. 76-77).

Low-dose MDCT and CT enterography of patients with Crohn disease: feasibility of adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction (American Journal of Roentgenology, June 2011, Vol. 196:6, pp. W743-752).

Obscure gastrointestinal bleeding: Evaluation with 64-section multiphase CT enterography: Initial experience (Radiology, February 2008, Vol. 246:2, pp. 562-571).

Prospective blinded comparison of wireless capsule endoscopy and multiphase CT enterography in obscure gastrointestinal bleeding (Radiology, September 2011, Vol. 260:3, pp. 744-751).

A prospective comparison of standard-dose CT enterography and 50% reduced-dose CT enterography with and without noise reduction for evaluating Crohn disease (American Journal of Roentgenology, July 2011, Vol. 197:1, pp. 50-57).

Prospective comparison of state-of-the-art MR enterography and CT enterography in small-bowel Crohn's disease (American Journal of Roentgenology, July 2009, Vol. 193:1, pp. 113-121).

Prospective evaluation of MR enterography as the primary imaging modality for pediatric Crohn disease assessment (American Journal of Roentgenology, July 2011, Vol. 197:1, pp. 224-231).

Small bowel imaging in Crohn's disease: A prospective, blinded, 4-way comparison trial (Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, August 2008, Vol. 68:2, pp. 255-266).

Validation of a lower radiation computed tomography enterography imaging protocol to detect Crohn's disease in the small bowel (Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, March 2011, Vol. 17:3, pp. 778-786).

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Enterography Resource Center

Enterography Resources

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Enterography reading list
Enterography reading listLooking to get started in CT or MR enterography? Learn more about the state-of-the-art research behind this new procedure with this reading list, including both review articles and original research from clinical trials.
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Enterography image gallery
Enterography image galleryThis image gallery demonstrates the ability of CT enterography to visualize clinically relevant findings in patients with small bowel Crohn's disease.
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