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Riverain touts bone suppression, CAD software studies
By AuntMinnie.com staff writers
November 28, 2012

Computer-aided detection (CAD) software developer Riverain Technologies is highlighting three studies presented at the 2012 RSNA meeting in Chicago that showed that its digital bone suppression and CAD software improve the detection of lung nodules.

A Dutch study from Radbound University found that radiologists detected more lung nodules using ClearRead Bone Suppression 2.4 software than when they evaluated the chest x-ray images on their own. The study included 300 images (111 bone-suppressed x-rays with known lung nodules and 189 control cases without nodules). The radiologists detected 79% of the lung nodules with bone suppression compared with 71% without it.

Another study involving 300 bone-suppressed x-rays and eight readers at the same institution determined that using ClearRead +Detect 5.2 CAD software improved their performance. Radiologists accurately detected 79% of 111 lung nodules with CAD versus 73% without it. The software also found more than half of the nodules that the radiologists missed.

In a third study from the University of Chicago, ClearRead +Detect 5.2 CAD software detected 72% of lung nodules in 608 consecutive chest x-ray images without radiologist interpretation. It detected a majority of nodules on both portable and upright x-ray machines and even when other abnormalities were present.

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