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MBIR finds same nodules as ASIR, at fraction of dose
December 13, 2012 -- Second-generation iterative reconstruction software doesn't necessarily improve radiologists' ability to detect lung nodules compared to earlier versions. But the new software permits the same lesion detection power at greatly reduced CT radiation doses, according to a study presented at last month's RSNA 2012 meeting in Chicago.
Chest x-ray use remains stable as high-tech modalities soar
December 12, 2012 -- While utilization of high-tech imaging modalities soared and then slipped over the past decade, use of the humble chest x-ray has continued at a relatively stable rate, researchers found in a study presented at the RSNA 2012 conference.
Adopting EMRs improves tracking of extravasation episodes
December 10, 2012 -- Adopting electronic medical records (EMRs) can help facilities improve their reporting of extravasation incidents that occur during contrast CT studies, researchers reported at the recent RSNA 2012 annual meeting.
Imaging IT offers bright spot in gloomy imaging industry
December 7, 2012 -- Exciting developments are under way in the imaging IT sector, which is benefiting from overall momentum in health IT. The segment has promising growth potential despite an overall slowdown in the medical imaging industry, according to analysis from market research firm Frost & Sullivan.
Mary's Musings: Head in the clouds at RSNA 2012
December 6, 2012 -- Not very long ago, it seems, I went to my first RSNA meeting. I was really impressed -- and I still am! Each year at RSNA, one gets a chance to peek ahead into the future: and ours is data. Data will allow us to step out of our black box of radiology and into our roles as physicians again.
Increased CT use may boost breast cancer risk
December 5, 2012 -- Increased use of CT may boost breast cancer risk in certain women, such as younger patients and those who receive repeat exams, according to research presented at the RSNA 2012 meeting. Nuclear medicine exams may also raise the risk of breast cancer.
USPSTF guidelines sparked decrease in screening mammo rates
December 4, 2012 -- Screening mammography guidelines issued by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) in 2009 led to a decline in breast screening, which, in the future, may lead to missed cancers, according to research presented last week at the RSNA 2012 meeting.
Yearly screening breast US benefits women with dense tissue
December 4, 2012 -- Although the optimal frequency of screening breast ultrasound for women with mammographically dense breast tissue remains under debate, study data presented at last week's RSNA 2012 meeting suggest that this population would benefit from yearly scans.
C-11 methionine PET aids diagnosis of adenomas, multiple myeloma
December 3, 2012 -- The radiotracer carbon-11 (C-11) methionine (MET) with PET/CT can help clarify negative or inconclusive FDG-PET findings in multiple myeloma patients, as well as differentiate between atypical and typical pituitary adenomas, according to two Japanese studies presented at last week's RSNA 2012 conference.
Study: Hold the contrast for CT of asymptomatic hematuria
December 3, 2012 -- In young patients undergoing urograms after a finding of asymptomatic hematuria, it may not be necessary to perform contrast-enhanced CT, as a noncontrast scan may be sufficient, researchers suggested at last week's RSNA meeting.
Techs often bear brunt of media misinformation about imaging
November 30, 2012 -- CHICAGO - Do you remember the ruckus last year when television celebrity Dr. Mehmet Oz recommended on the "Dr. Oz Show" the use of thyroid shields during mammograms? While Oz appears to have changed his tune, social media continues to promote this misconception, according to an ASRT @ RSNA presentation at the RSNA meeting.
Time to ditch the chest x-ray, researchers conclude
November 29, 2012 -- CHICAGO - If cost isn't an issue -- and that's a big if -- it's time to say goodbye to chest radiography, say researchers from Norway who compared chest x-ray to ultralow-dose CT. Results were presented on Thursday at the 2012 RSNA meeting.
Radiology decision-support tool captures online knowledge
November 29, 2012 -- CHICAGO - Semantic Web technology tools can be used to provide radiologists with decision support during image interpretation, according to research presented on Thursday at the 2012 RSNA annual meeting.
Only half of patients identify radiologists as physicians
November 29, 2012 -- CHICAGO - Barely half of patients understand that radiologists are "real" doctors, a new poll of more than 300 individuals revealed. Researchers from Indiana presented the findings on Wednesday at the RSNA meeting.
Organ doses for CT exams line up with SSDE dose estimates
November 29, 2012 -- CHICAGO - Absorbed organ doses are very close to size-specific dose estimates (SSDE) in CT exams of the abdomen and pelvis, confirming the validity of radiology's new and more accurate dose measurement technique, according to a study presented at the RSNA meeting.
Dalai in RSNA 'Wonderland'
November 29, 2012 -- CHICAGO - For years, the PACSman Awards were an annual tradition in's coverage of the RSNA conference. With the PACSman hanging up his typewriter in 2010, the baton has now passed to the Dalai Lama of PACS, radiologist and blogger Dr. Sam Friedman, who shares his unique RSNA experience.
CT helps identify belly fat as osteoporosis risk factor in men
November 29, 2012 -- CHICAGO - Accumulation of deep visceral fat in men is a risk factor for bone loss and decreased bone strength, which may lead to osteoporosis, researchers reported at the 2012 RSNA annual meeting.
Radiologists must exploit IT to secure their future: Part 2
November 28, 2012 -- CHICAGO - To recapture their role as the "doctor's doctor," radiologists must be value innovators, said Dr. Paul Chang of the University of Chicago School of Medicine. Advances in information technology will be crucial for the specialty to demonstrate value and avoid commoditization.
Errors in reports are a 'sleeping giant of a problem'
November 28, 2012 -- CHICAGO - Errors due to voice recognition software are a "sleeping giant of a problem," a radiologist said during a question and answer session at RSNA on Tuesday afternoon. In any one line of his dictation, there's a 52% chance there will be an error, he added.
Adding a radiologist improves rad therapy treatment planning
November 28, 2012 -- CHICAGO - Having a consultant diagnostic radiologist as a member of a radiation oncology treatment planning team can help improve the accuracy and appropriateness of radiotherapy for cancer patients, according to study results presented on Tuesday at the RSNA annual meeting.
Radiology and consumerism: Odd bedfellows?
November 28, 2012 -- CHICAGO - The doctor-patient paradigm of "doctor knows best" has changed as patients become more active consumers in selecting healthcare services, according to a panel presentation at RSNA 2012. If radiologists know what's good for them -- and their patients -- they will adjust, the group advised.
Low-dose mammo, wireless US probe, 3T MRI pace Siemens at RSNA
November 28, 2012 -- CHICAGO - A new digital mammography system with lower radiation dose, a wireless ultrasound probe, a 3-tesla MRI scanner designed for high-performance clinical and research work, and a new line of angiography systems are among the highlights in the RSNA 2012 booth of Siemens Healthcare.
Study shows PET/CT lights up 'chemo brain' regions
November 28, 2012 -- CHICAGO - Researchers utilizing F-18 FDG PET/CT imaging have found that women who express "chemo brain" symptomology appear to have sharply reduced glucose metabolism in critical areas of the brain. Results from the study were presented on Tuesday at the RSNA meeting.
Low-dose MBI as effective as mammo in screening dense breasts
November 28, 2012 -- CHICAGO - Low-dose molecular breast imaging (MBI) can outperform screening mammography to detect cancer in women with dense breasts, according to a study presented on Tuesday at the annual RSNA meeting.
Radiologists should eye scans for clues to elder abuse
November 28, 2012 -- CHICAGO - The under-the-radar problem of physical abuse of the elderly can be countered by radiologists who observe certain patterns of head and neck injuries, subdural hematomas, and the social context surrounding these cases, researchers reported at RSNA 2012.
Moments in Radiology History: Part 10 -- RSNA show's early days
November 28, 2012 -- When RSNA held its first meeting in December 1915, the conference attracted 30 of the nascent society's 62 members to a Chicago hotel. Now closing in on its 100-year anniversary, RSNA still meets in Chicago, but it draws 60,000 radiology professionals to what has become the world's largest medical meeting.
CT dose reduction, PET/MRI pace Philips RSNA news
November 28, 2012 -- CHICAGO - New developments in CT dose reduction, an expansion of its digital MRI architecture, and new enhancements in PET/MRI are pacing product news in the RSNA 2012 booth of Philips Healthcare.
Residents need twice the fluoro time to place catheters
November 27, 2012 -- CHICAGO - Radiology residents at two large teaching hospitals in Tennessee required twice as long as interventional radiologists to place central venous catheters under fluoroscopy guidance, effectively doubling the radiation dose to the patient, according to a study presented at the 2012 RSNA meeting.
Radiologists must exploit IT to secure their future: Part 1
November 27, 2012 -- CHICAGO - Although healthcare reform and alternatives to the traditional fee-for-service model pose challenges to radiology, advances in information technology can help radiologists clearly demonstrate their value in patient care, according to Dr. Keith Dreyer, PhD, of Massachusetts General Hospital.
Standardized workflow lexicon project SWIMs toward completion
November 27, 2012 -- CHICAGO - Optimizing workflow is a universal goal of any radiology department. Dashboards keep managers abreast of what's happening, but making comparisons is difficult because a standardized workflow lexicon doesn't exist. This will change with SWIM, according to a Monday scientific session at the RSNA meeting.
CT can replace x-ray for pediatric cystic fibrosis patients
November 27, 2012 -- CHICAGO - Ultralow-dose CT is on par with a frontal chest x-ray in terms of dose (0.05 mSv) and gives an accurate diagnosis in pediatric cystic fibrosis patients, Belgian researchers revealed on Monday afternoon at the annual RSNA meeting.
PET/MRI matches PET/CT for gynecological malignancies
November 27, 2012 -- CHICAGO - PET/MRI can be comparable to PET/CT and holds "great promise" for patients with gynecological malignancies, potentially reducing scan time and radiation exposure, according to a study presented on Monday at the RSNA annual meeting.
Tomosynthesis plus FFDM slashes recall rates
November 27, 2012 -- CHICAGO - Adding digital tomosynthesis to mammography for screening lowers recall rates by at least a third -- particularly in younger women or those with dense breast tissue, according to a scientific session given Monday afternoon at the RSNA meeting.
GE unites PACS and 3D, quiets MRI scans, shows ABUS at RSNA
November 27, 2012 -- CHICAGO - A variety of new technology is on display in the RSNA booth of GE Healthcare, ranging from an automated breast ultrasound (ABUS) scanner to MRI noise reduction techniques. The vendor will also highlight new image viewing software that unifies its PACS and advanced visualization applications into a single viewing platform.
MRI shows bicycling may help patients with Parkinson's
November 27, 2012 -- CHICAGO - In a study using functional connectivity MRI, researchers found that patients with Parkinson's disease who more quickly pedaled a stationary bicycle showed positive brain changes associated with improved motor function. The results were presented on Monday at RSNA 2012.
DTI-MRI indicates chances of concussion recovery
November 26, 2012 -- CHICAGO - Use of diffusion-tensor MRI (DTI-MRI) could help detect subtle injuries that can last from hours to months in patients with mild traumatic brain injury, according to a study presented on Monday at the RSNA annual meeting.
Meaningful use is achievable for academic radiology practices
November 26, 2012 -- CHICAGO - Should a U.S. academic radiology practice participate in the "meaningful use" initiative? An academic hospital with a program in place could provide significant benefits, but without it, there will be hurdles, according to a Sunday afternoon refresher course at the RSNA annual meeting.
CT emphysema measures higher in former vs. current smokers
November 26, 2012 -- CHICAGO - Confirming a counterintuitive finding that researchers will need to explore more fully, current long-term smokers showed lower CT measures of emphysema than former smokers in a study presented on Monday at the RSNA meeting.
Professional societies should steer medical error discussion
November 26, 2012 -- CHICAGO - Guidance from professional societies such as RSNA would go a long way in helping radiologists address medical errors, not only in facilitating the process, but also in helping to define errors in the first place, according to a Monday morning session at the RSNA annual meeting.
Advanced imaging spending drops to bottom of services list
November 26, 2012 -- CHICAGO - A decrease in volume growth and cuts to Medicare payments have left advanced medical imaging near the bottom of all healthcare service categories contributing to overall Medicare spending -- rather than at the head of the pack as policymakers continue to believe, according to research presented Monday morning at RSNA 2012.
MPI used 50 times more often than CCTA, study finds
November 26, 2012 -- CHICAGO - Coronary CT angiography (CCTA) is vastly underutilized compared to SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) in patients with suspected coronary artery disease, despite their status as competitive tests, according to a study presented on Sunday at the RSNA meeting.
MRI shows physical activity can slow dementia, Alzheimer's
November 26, 2012 -- CHICAGO - By using voxel-based morphometry of high-resolution MR images, researchers have discovered that physically active adults have a greater preservation of brain structure and gray matter, according to a presentation at the RSNA meeting.
Toshiba's RSNA highlights include new 320-row CT scanner
November 26, 2012 -- CHICAGO - A new flagship 320-detector-row CT scanner, a price drop for its 1.5-telsa MRI scanner, and new technologies in ultrasound and wireless digital x-ray are among the highlights in the RSNA 2012 booth of Toshiba America Medical Systems.
Virtual colonoscopy shows muscle in finding lesions
November 25, 2012 -- CHICAGO - In a series of presentations at the RSNA 2012 annual meeting, researchers from Korea, Italy, and the U.S. described advances in detecting and diagnosing cancer through the use of virtual colonoscopy, also known as CT colonography or CTC.
PET/MRI tops DWI-MRI for head/neck lymph node metastases
November 25, 2012 -- CHICAGO - PET/MRI outperformed diffusion-weighted MRI (DWI-MRI) for detecting lymph node metastases in the staging of head and neck cancer patients, according to a study presented on Sunday at the RSNA annual meeting.
Breast US could be option for primary cancer screening
November 25, 2012 -- CHICAGO - Breast cancer incidence is increasing worldwide, but screening mammography isn't always available. Could ultrasound serve as a primary test for breast cancer in countries without access to mammography? It's possible, according to research presented on Sunday at the RSNA meeting.
RSNA's Image Share project tackles patient concerns
November 25, 2012 -- CHICAGO - RSNA's Image Share pilot program for patient-driven image exchange has encountered a small number of problems with participants, but most are technical or IT-related and can be readily solved, according to research presented on Sunday at the 2012 RSNA meeting.
Hitachi extends oval-bore MRI to 3 tesla with Trillium Oval
November 25, 2012 -- At the 2011 RSNA meeting, Hitachi Medical Systems America raised eyebrows with the launch of Echelon Oval, a 1.5-tesla MRI scanner with an oval-shaped magnet. This year, Hitachi extends the oval concept to 3 tesla with Trillium Oval, a work-in-progress scanner not yet for sale in the U.S.
Make yourself more visible, RSNA president insists
November 25, 2012 -- CHICAGO - "Step out from behind the curtain and put a face on the radiologist" was the resounding message of Sunday morning's opening session at the annual RSNA meeting. Dr. George Bisset III, RSNA president, emphasized the meeting's theme during his opening remarks and was echoed by colleagues in sessions that followed.
Australians tackle challenge of designing low-cost RT system
November 25, 2012 -- CHICAGO - An Australian research team has designed a compact radiotherapy (RT) system intended to lower the costs of building and operating a radiotherapy center. The goal is to reduce a known global shortage of radiotherapy, especially in countries with challenged economies.
Siemens to launch new Artis Q angio line at RSNA
November 19, 2012 -- Siemens Healthcare is planning to launch a new line of premium angiography systems, called Artis Q, at the upcoming RSNA meeting in Chicago. The new line includes enhancements in detector design, guidance technology, and x-ray tube instrumentation.
Moments in Radiology History: Part 9 -- RSNA centennial
November 5, 2012 -- As RSNA plans to convene its 2012 meeting in just a few weeks, plans are already being laid for the 100-year anniversary of the Chicago congress. In his latest column, radiology historian Otha W. Linton describes how the RSNA rose from humble Midwestern roots to become one of the pre-eminent medical societies in the world.
RSNA 2012 Scientific and Educational Presentations
November 16, 2012 -- Once again, this is a year focused on healthcare IT and imaging informatics at the 2012 RSNA conference. It would be an understatement to say that there are a staggering number of courses, scientific sessions, educational exhibits, and poster presentations -- even the subject of the Eugene P. Pendergrass New Horizons Lectures has an informatics slant.
November 15, 2012 -- At this year's RSNA conference, look for MRI to garner increasing attention as a viable modality in clinical applications where radiation exposure is a concern. In addition, radiologists are using MRI to discover previously hidden secrets in the brain for afflictions such as Alzheimer's disease, cognitive disorders, multiple sclerosis, and stroke.
November 14, 2012 -- Hot topics in women's imaging at this year's RSNA meeting include breast ultrasound and digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), and attendees can expect to encounter everything from refresher courses to scientific sessions devoted to these technologies. But don't be surprised to hear a lot about breast MRI as well.
November 13, 2012 -- This year's presentations on digital x-ray at RSNA 2012 illustrate the rapid advances being made in this modality. Radiography's conversion to digital is making possible the use of advanced image-processing tools once reserved for more advanced modalities, raising the possibility of better patient care at lower radiation doses.
November 12, 2012 -- The growing power of advanced visualization technology will be ever-present in the scientific program at this month's RSNA meeting in Chicago. Hot topics this year include computer-aided detection (CAD) and computer-aided diagnosis (CADx) technology, as well as quantitative imaging. Look for a range of papers on CAD and, in particular, CADx, as researchers increasingly explore the use of computer-aided technology to assist in diagnosis, not just detection.
November 08, 2012 -- For molecular imaging, PET/MRI undoubtedly will garner considerable attention at the 2012 RSNA meeting in Chicago, as the hybrid modality gains interest with each new study that exalts its clinical potential. Preview the noteworthy molecular imaging and nuclear medicine scientific papers that will cover a wide range of clinical applications which will evaluate and benefit patient outcomes.
November 07, 2012 -- Could ultrasound be the primary screening test for breast cancer? Is the public served by the increasing use of handheld ultrasound? These questions and many more will be addressed at the upcoming RSNA meeting in Chicago
November 06, 2012 -- RSNA 2012 caps an extraordinary year for CT fans who like their technology high and their radiation doses low. The CT-focused scientific sessions at this year's show explore a broad array of CT topics that are driven, more than anything, by the need to get more image information with less radiation.
November 05, 2012 -- A variety of PACS educational opportunities await RSNA attendees this year, including research on mobile devices, image sharing, teleradiology, compression, quality assurance, disaster recovery, cloud computing, and more.
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