U.S. Senate Republicans unveil healthcare bill
June 23, 2017 -- The U.S. Senate Republicans have unveiled their version of the American Health Care Act (AHCA).
Paxeramed launches image management platform
June 23, 2017 -- PACS/RIS developer Paxeramed has launched a new image management platform called CareRad to support DICOM imaging workflow and securely deliver medical images and reports to patients.
Study: ACA leads to earlier breast cancer diagnoses
June 23, 2017 -- The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is being credited for a shift to earlier breast cancer diagnoses as more women were able to afford mammography screening, according to a study published in the August issue of Cancer Epidemiology.
FDG-PET links physical activity to healthy brains
June 23, 2017 -- Researchers using FDG-PET have uncovered healthy patterns of glucose metabolism in the brains of people at risk for Alzheimer's disease who consistently partake in moderate-intensity physical activity, according to a study published online June 22 in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease.
Glucose-MRI technique at 7T aids tumor evaluation
June 23, 2017 -- German researchers are taking advantage of 7-tesla MRI scans to view glucose metabolism activity and thus identify solid or aggressively growing tumors.
Radiologist repeats as poker champion
June 22, 2017 -- A radiologist from Pennsylvania has been crowned champion in the seniors category at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas for the second straight year.
MRI technique boosts stroke images
June 22, 2017 -- Researchers have developed a way to enhance MR images to aid large-scale studies designed to show how strokes affect different people and how patients respond to treatment.
Qmetrics partners with 3D printer Medairum
June 22, 2017 -- Qmetrics Technologies is teaming up with Singapore-based 3D printing firm Medairum to create models from imaging data.
Toshiba releases Pianissimo Zen at 1.5 tesla
June 22, 2017 -- Toshiba Medical is introducing a new 1.5-tesla version of its Vantage Titan MRI platform that features the latest edition of the company's noise-reduction technology, Pianissimo Zen.
Mount Sinai Heart launches BioImage-2 study
June 21, 2017 -- Mount Sinai Heart in New York City has launched BioImage-2, a large research study that will investigate the progression of vascular atherosclerotic plaque in patients who participated in the original BioImage study in 2008 and 2009.