Tablet-controlled CT scanners lead Siemens products at RSNA
November 29, 2017 -- CHICAGO - An extension of its tablet-controlled Somatom go CT concept into new price points, a new flagship mammography system, and a new product launch for MRI scans of the knee are among the highlights in the RSNA 2017 booth of Siemens Healthineers.  Discuss
Video from RSNA 2017: Is the future of radiology augmented?
November 29, 2017 -- CHICAGO - The rapid proliferation of new technologies in healthcare is prompting some to predict that radiologists of the future will practice in a discipline that's augmented by artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and other techniques that maximize their capabilities. We discuss radiology's augmented future with Dr. Jesse Courtier of the University of California, San Francisco.  Discuss
Deep learning can quantify CAC on low-dose CT
November 29, 2017 -- CHICAGO - A deep-learning algorithm can automatically calculate coronary artery calcium (CAC) scores from lung cancer screening CT exams and facilitate risk stratification in these patients, according to research presented on Tuesday at RSNA 2017.  Discuss
Video from RSNA 2017: Women in radiology -- What's being done?
November 29, 2017 -- CHICAGO - By all accounts, radiology is a great medical specialty for women. In fact, it's one of the few medical disciplines in which female and male academic physicians make the same salaries. But why aren't more female medical students picking radiology, and what can be done about it? We speak to Dr. Amy Kotsenas of the Mayo Clinic and Mini Peiris from IT developer Ambra Health about the topic.  Discuss
How effective is ER ultrasound for breast abscesses?
November 29, 2017 -- CHICAGO - Breast abscesses are one of the few breast-specific emergencies that require urgent treatment in the emergency room (ER), and ultrasound is used to diagnose them. But is it effective? Perhaps not enough, according to research presented on Tuesday at the RSNA 2017 meeting.  Discuss
Shalom, Chicago: Israel shares 90 years of innovation
November 29, 2017 -- Medical imaging in Israel has a rich heritage and a bright future, and radiologists there are at the cutting edge of technological change and provide outstanding diagnostic and interventional services, Dr. Jacob Sosna, president of the Israel Radiological Association, told RSNA 2017 delegates on Tuesday.  Discuss
Image-guided IR treatment relieves back pain
November 29, 2017 -- An image-guided interventional radiology (IR) treatment using pulsed radiofrequency was able to relieve pain symptoms in a majority of patients with low back pain and sciatica, according to a presentation by Italian researchers on November 29 at this week's RSNA 2017 meeting in Chicago.  Discuss
Optoacoustic device aids breast lesion assessment
November 29, 2017 -- CHICAGO - An investigational device that combines a laser and ultrasound appears to have superior specificity for identifying benign breast lesions, according to a study presented on Monday at the RSNA 2017 conference.  Discuss
GBCA-related allergic reactions rare in cardiac MRI
November 28, 2017 -- CHICAGO - With the ongoing debate over the safety of gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCAs), German researchers are offering evidence that GBCAs are safe to use in cardiac MRI applications, according to a study presented on Tuesday at RSNA 2017.  Discuss
Video from RSNA 2017: Cinematic rendering -- Just pretty pictures or paradigm shift?
November 28, 2017 -- CHICAGO - One of the most intriguing new technologies in radiology is cinematic rendering, a 3D reconstruction technique that produces amazingly lifelike images from CT and MRI scans. Are cinematic-rendered images just pretty pictures, or do they represent a paradigm shift in how radiologists will do their jobs in the future? Dr. Elliot Fishman of Johns Hopkins University addresses these questions.  Discuss