An occasional drink doesn't hurt coronary arteries
November 29, 2016 -- CHICAGO - Having an alcoholic drink once or twice a day does not appear to affect the coronary arteries, based on scans with coronary CT angiography, researchers reported on Tuesday at the RSNA annual meeting.
Machine learning: The next big thing for breast imaging?
November 29, 2016 -- Machine learning in radiology is a popular subject these days, with some heralding its benefits and others sounding the alarm. Two Monday presentations at RSNA 2016 took the positive side of the debate, suggesting that machine learning could be a boon to breast imaging.
Imaging informatics drives new RSNA releases for Philips
November 29, 2016 -- CHICAGO - Philips Healthcare is putting a big emphasis on imaging informatics software in its booth at RSNA 2016, rolling out a series of new applications for a variety of modalities and clinical applications.
Going Dutch means far more than tulips, Rembrandt
November 29, 2016 -- Tulips, Rembrandt, and free cookies feature prominently at the Netherlands Presents booth at McCormick Place in Chicago, but RSNA 2016 delegates found out during a special session why the country's neuroradiologists, including Dr. Meike Vernooij, PhD, are the real stars at the congress.
Prostate CAD boosts detection for most readers
November 29, 2016 -- CHICAGO - MRI-based computer-aided detection (CAD) can improve detection sensitivity for prostate cancer for most readers, while reducing reading time fourfold, according to a Tuesday presentation at RSNA 2016.
#MyRadGirlfriend No. 16: When Andy meets Einstein
November 29, 2016 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) may (or may not) be the future of radiology, but there are a few deep questions that even AI can't answer, as Andy discovers at RSNA 2016 in the next installment of #MyRadGirlfriend.
fMRI finds where God might dwell in the brain
November 29, 2016 -- When people have a religious and spiritual experience, reward-related regions of the brain become illuminated on functional MRI (fMRI) scans, much the same way these areas react to love, sex, gambling, drugs, and music, according to a study published November 29 in Social Neuroscience.
Minimal side effects from 7T MRI subside in minutes
November 28, 2016 -- CHICAGO - In a new study, German researchers found that side effects related to a patient's balance after a 7-tesla MRI scan dissipated within minutes, according to results presented on Monday at RSNA 2016.
Video from RSNA 2016: AI and radiology -- Separating hope from hype
November 28, 2016 -- CHICAGO - Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most hyped -- and most feared -- technologies to come along in radiology in years. Dr. Paul Chang from the University of Chicago separates AI's hope from hype in this video interview from RSNA 2016.
Video from RSNA 2016: How will the 2016 election affect radiology?
November 28, 2016 -- CHICAGO - Donald Trump's stunning triumph in the U.S. presidential election shocked the nation. How will a Trump presidency affect radiology? Jim Hamilton, president of the Radiology Business Management Association, offers some ideas on what the radiology community can look forward to under a Trump administration.