High-risk patients not getting timely follow-up CT scans
May 11, 2016 -- Almost half of patients at high risk for lung cancer didn't get timely follow-up after chest CT found potential problems that radiologists flagged on their scans, concludes a new study in the May edition of the Journal of the American College of Radiology.
'Virtual heart' can guide who should get ICD implants
May 11, 2016 -- A software-based "virtual heart" created with data from cardiac MRI scans could be a better tool for predicting which patients should receive implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs).
What's the sweet spot for batch reading mammograms?
May 10, 2016 -- What's the right number of cases to interpret when batch reading mammography studies? Too few can affect productivity, while too many can risk burning out your radiologists. Fortunately, researchers provide some guidance in a new study published in the May 10 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.
Cardiac MRI beats SPECT for predicting heart events
May 10, 2016 -- Cardiovascular MRI is a better prognosticator of risk for serious cardiovascular events than SPECT, regardless of a person's risk factors, angiography results, or initial treatment, according to a study published online in the Annals of Internal Medicine.
Under scrutiny: Pregnancy after uterine fibroid embolization
May 9, 2016 -- The traditional treatment of uterine fibroids in patients who wish to become pregnant is surgical removal by myomectomy. However, uterine fibroid embolization has a lower complication rate and has a comparable fertility rate to myomectomy after treatment, according to researchers from the United Arab Emirates.
Virtual reality exec Jepsen sets sights on wearable MRI
May 6, 2016 -- Virtual reality executive Mary Lou Jepsen has left Facebook's Oculus division for a start-up venture that hopes to develop miniaturized, wearable MRI technology that could be distributed at low cost to doctors around the world.
Novel fMRI technique illustrates autism in boys
May 6, 2016 -- Researchers at George Washington University in Washington, DC, have developed a functional MRI (fMRI) technique that reveals what could be a valuable biomarker to evaluate brain function in boys with autism spectrum disorder.
Inappropriate MPI scans increase cancer risk among women
May 6, 2016 -- The inappropriate use of SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) in women can increase their risk of cancer from radiation compared to men, according to a study published online April 21 in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.
6 steps to reduce radiologist burnout
May 5, 2016 -- That stress you're feeling isn't all in your head. Diagnostic radiologists are vulnerable to burnout, with nearly half showing symptoms in a recent study. Fortunately, there are six steps you can take to fight burnout, according to a new report from the American College of Radiology's Commission on Human Resources.
MICI Q2: Few signs of erosion in rad admin sentiment
May 5, 2016 -- Radiology administrators are showing few signs of pessimism, if the most recent numbers in the Medical Imaging Confidence Index (MICI) are any indication. New MICI numbers for the second quarter of 2016 reflect continued optimism from administrators regarding their future business prospects.