Bright future predicted for flat-panel C-arms
Article Thumbnail ImageNovember 21, 2012 -- Flat-panel-detector C-arms may not carry the star power of many digital imaging technologies at the 2012 RSNA meeting, but they are likely to draw purchaser attention, making sales grow, according to a new marketing report.

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  • "The World Market for Mobile C-arm X-ray Equipment," a report from InMedica, predicts unit shipments of FDP mobile C-arm x-ray systems will increase 54% by 2016.

    Practical considerations will fuel that growth, according to the report. Potential purchasers see the systems as cost-savers because of their versatility and maneuverability. They can be moved easily between hospital departments for applications in orthopedic, vascular, cardiac, and gastrointestinal medicine.

    The report did find geographic variations in FDP C-arm growth. Asian sales growth is expected from general healthcare infrastructure improvements. In the U.S., outpatient orthopedics and pain management services will drive sales.

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