Ziehm, Mallinckrodt strike a deal
Article Thumbnail ImageApril 15, 2013 -- C-arm developer Ziehm Imaging and contrast developer Mallinckrodt have announced a collaboration in which the firms are more closely integrating their products in the field of vascular surgery.

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  • The companies have developed an "intelligent" interface between Ziehm's C-arms and Mallinckrodt's Angiomat Illumena contrast injectors. The interface enables Mallinckrodt injectors to be controlled via SmartVascular, Ziehm's dedicated vascular software package.

    With the interface, imaging functions and the injector can be operated with a foot pedal, allowing for control of the contrast injection dose and time.

    Mallinckrodt is the pharmaceuticals business of Covidien, which recently filed a registration statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to spin off Mallinckrodt into a separate business.

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