Carestream shrinks wireless DR, plans to launch printer
Article Thumbnail ImageNovember 19, 2012 -- Carestream Health will showcase progress toward reducing the size of its wireless detectors at the 2012 RSNA meeting with a demonstration of its smaller 25 x 30-cm DRX 2530C.

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  • The work-in-progress detector accommodates the needs of pediatric and orthopedic applications. It is small enough to fit into pediatric incubator trays and to aid positioning during knee, elbow, cranial, and other small field-of-view procedures where the patient may be asked to hold the detector during imaging.

    Its cesium iodide design improves detective quantum efficiency and radiation dose, compared to computed radiography (CR) cassettes based on gadolinium scintillator technology.

    The DRX 2530C is designed for the Carestream DRX-Revolution or Carestream DRX-Mobile retrofit kits for mobile imaging of neonatal and pediatric patients. Carestream DRX software integrates a range of seven patient sizes as specified by U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidelines for pediatric exams.

    Carestream will also launch DryView 5950, a new laser imager that delivers high-resolution printing in a tabletop configuration for general radiology and mammography.

    DryView 5950 features 508 pixels-per-inch resolution and time-saving film cartridges. Its quality control system has been enhanced to meet specific requirements in mammography.

    It also features a built-in densitometer to produce test prints and display data needed for mammography quality control charting. The setup can eliminate the need for an external densitometer to aid mammography quality control efficiency.

    DryView 5950 offers DICOM connectivity for image production for a PACS network or standalone DICOM-compliant imaging modalities. The laser imager is equipped with two film cartridges online and supports five film sizes.

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