AHRA backs Are You Dense Advocacy
Article Thumbnail ImageApril 10, 2013 -- The board of directors at AHRA: The Association for Medical Imaging Management has endorsed the Are You Dense Advocacy organization and its efforts to standardize the communication of dense breast tissue to women.

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  • Founded and led by President Dr. Nancy Cappello, Are You Dense Advocacy's mission is to use regulatory, state, and federal legislative efforts to standardize the communication of dense breast tissue to women in the U.S. and support breast density notification laws for expanded insurance coverage screening legislation.

    Connecticut was the first state to enact both laws, according to the AHRA. Other states, including Texas, Virginia, New York, and California, also have breast density notification laws.

    So far in 2013, 15 state breast density bills have been introduced. The reintroduction of a federal breast density bill also is forthcoming, the AHRA said.

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