Mindray to show upgraded DC-8 US scanner at RSNA
Article Thumbnail ImageNovember 21, 2012 -- Medical equipment manufacturer Mindray Medical International will present several enhancements to its DC-8 ultrasound system at next week's 2012 RSNA meeting in Chicago.

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  • Designed to increase system performance in a variety of diagnostic imaging applications, the version 1.5 enhancements include a Multi-Slice feature, which enables the display of multiple 2D images derived from one 3D volume dataset on one page, according to the vendor. An iPage tool allows users to view slices on any reference point on a 3D plane.

    In other 3D enhancements, DC-8 now supports measurements on 3D multiplanar reformatted (MPR) images and 3D color. It also now employs Mindray's Multi-Beam parallel imaging technology, which integrates advanced imaging technologies to produce optimized images with minimal user involvement, Mindray said.

    The company is also pointing to a new user interface aimed at providing efficient workflow and more convenient operation. Mindray's iWorks protocol management system can help sonographers of all levels spend less time on operational steps and keystrokes and more time focusing on the patient, the company said.

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