Siemens unwraps Acuson X700 scanner
Article Thumbnail ImageNovember 20, 2012 -- Siemens Healthcare has introduced Acuson X700, the latest addition to its Acuson X family of ultrasound scanners.

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  • X700 includes many technologies migrated from Siemens' high-end Acuson S family, including Advanced SieClear spatial compounding, Dynamic TCE tissue contrast enhancement, and MicroPinless (MP) transducer connectors, Siemens said.

    The system also includes "intelligent" workflow technology such as its tissue grayscale optimization (TGO), which provides instantaneous one-button image optimization, according to the vendor. Siemens has also included a new 50-mm aperture linear-array transducer that can support both superficial and deep imaging.

    Other features include Siemens' 3-Scape real-time 3D imaging and Advanced fourSight 3D/4D technology for abdominal, fetal, and gynecological exams. The vendor's syngo Auto OB Measurements provides automated biometric fetal measurements, while cardiac imaging applications such as intracardiac echocardiography imaging (ICE) support procedure visualization and device placement monitoring, Siemens said.

    Options and features can be configured individually. Siemens also pointed to the system's new design, which includes a 20-inch LED display and an integrated handle with articulating arm.

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