Links to Ultrasound Teaching Files
Article Thumbnail ImageMay 13, 2010 --
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  • The following are links to selected Teaching Files involving the use of ultrasound. Just click on the link to go directly to the case. For a full directory of Teaching Files, visit our Teaching Files home page.

    Woman with ascites

    Right-upper-quadrant pain

    Thirty-year-old female with palpable epigastric mass for 7-8 years

    Twenty-three year old with abdominal pain

    Twenty-five-year-old female presents with right lower quadrant pain

    Seventy-year-old man with elevated liver enzymes

    Seventy-year-old man with elevated liver enzymes

    Baby with heart failure

    Bilateral painless testicular enlargement in a twelve-year-old

    Man with hematuria

    Adult male patient with a painless lump in his left testis

    Sixty-year-old woman with lower abdominal fullness

    Forty-year old woman with increasing abdominal girth

    Four-month-old with palpable abdominal mass on well baby visit

    Man with leg swelling and mass in popliteal fossa. History of trauma 8 months ago

    Middle aged male patient with intermittent right upper quadrant and right anterior chest pain

    Young adult male with asymptomatic neck mass for a year

    Infant born at 33 week gestation with seizures and abnormal facies

    Asian male with slowly enlarging mass in the left popliteal fossa

    Man with persistent upper abdominal pain post cholecystectomy

    Thirty-year-old woman with hours of worsening left pelvic pain, nausea and vomiting

    Young adult woman with painless anterior midline neck mass, 3-month duration

    Middle-aged woman with new breast lump

    Baby with pain and tenderness of lower legs

    Elderly woman with history of diverticulitis now with left lower quadrant pain

    Seventy-year-old female with recurrent right lower quadrant pain

    Second trimester screening ultrasound

    Five-year-old farm girl with two weeks of swelling of the right neck

    Second trimester fetal ultrasound

    Six-week-old with mass in right anterior neck

    Elderly woman with three days of progressive abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting

    A two-month-old Vietnamese boy with a deep left arm soft tissue mass found by the parents

    Elderly woman with a palpable right breast lump and nipple discharge

    Slowly enlarging breast mass that has become painful

    Newborn infant with an abnormally shaped head

    Critically ill newborn in respiratory distress

    Three-week-old infant with nonbilious vomiting

    History temporarily withheld

    Three-year -old with leg weakness

    Eight-year-old girl with chest wall asymmetry

    Elderly man presents with anorexia, fatigue, malaise, intermittent fever, and right shoulder pain

    Woman complaining of epigastric pain

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