Data loss polls as biggest IT threat
Article Thumbnail ImageApril 20, 2012 -- Loss of critical patient data presents the greatest business risk to healthcare organizations, according to a poll published this week by IT provider CDW Healthcare.
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  • A new data loss straw poll released by the firm found that almost two-thirds (63%) of healthcare IT professionals consider personally identifiable information, such as patient records, the most likely target for a cyberattack on their organizations.

    The increasing concern may be due to ever-growing numbers of users accessing healthcare networks -- estimated at more than 50% over the past two years, CDW said in a statement. Behind the estimate, office locations have grown by 61%, mobile device deployment has grown by 59%, and electronic health record implementation is up 47%, the company said.

    Most worrisome are mobile devices. The poll found that 68% of surveyed organizations allow employee-owned devices to access their networks, while the security measures for such devices tend to be less strict than for employer-owned equipment, CDW said.

    The company surveyed 654 IT professionals in healthcare, financial services, businesses, and higher education about their data loss concerns.

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