HeartIT launches OsiriX for WebPax
Article Thumbnail ImageOctober 18, 2013 -- Heart Imaging Technologies (HeartIT) is launching an OsiriX interface for its WebPax image management application.

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  • The WebPax product line provides medical image management and distribution platforms that enable online viewing of medical images. The new interface integrates the platform with OsiriX, an open-source software package for advanced postprocessing of medical images.

    The WebPax component provides long-term storage and Web-based distribution for medical images, movies, or 3D datasets, which can be opened with a single mouse click in OsiriX to perform advanced analytical work. OsiriX includes a 3D viewer with access to multiple rendering modes, including multiplanar reconstruction, surface rendering, volume rendering, and maximum intensity projection, HeartIT said.

    Several OsiriX plug-ins are also available to expand image analysis capabilities, the company said.

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