SNMMI offers list of common tests to question
Article Thumbnail ImageFebruary 21, 2013 -- The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) has released a list of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging tests that are commonly ordered -- but not always necessary -- as part of the Choosing Wisely campaign.

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  • The list includes five evidence-based recommendations designed to improve conversations between patients and physicians about what care is necessary and appropriate.

    SNMMI recommended the following:

    • Do not use PET/CT for cancer screening in healthy individuals.
    • Do not perform routine annual stress testing after coronary artery revascularization.
    • Do not use nuclear medicine thyroid scans to evaluate thyroid nodules in patients with normal thyroid gland function.
    • Avoid using a CT angiogram to diagnose pulmonary embolism in young women with a normal chest radiograph; consider a radionuclide lung study (ventilation/perfusion) instead.
    • Do not use PET imaging in the evaluation of patients with dementia unless the patient has been assessed by a specialist in this field.

    Additional information can be found at

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