German ministry to show country's innovation at RSNA
Article Thumbnail ImageNovember 19, 2012 -- The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research will sponsor an exhibit at the 2012 RSNA meeting stressing that imaging innovations begun by Wilhelm Röntgen in the 19th century continue in Germany in the 21st century with clinically relevant technologies such as breast CT and PET/MRI.

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  • The ministry will be on hand to highlight some of Germany's radiological advancements:

    • A new 3D, low-dose CT scanner that promises to improve breast cancer diagnosis, especially for women with dense breasts
    • Time-of-flight PET/CT systems that aid radiation therapy and general surgical planning
    • Software called Mint Lesion, from image processing firm Mint Medical, that assesses early patient responses to cancer therapy
    • A tabletop MRI scanner that trains physician to perform functional brain imaging and other advanced applications

    The ministry's campaign, focused on medical technology, encourages teamwork across disciplines and industries to drive imaging innovation. The campaign also supports education and training in Germany and encourages collaboration with institutions worldwide.

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