Fovia signs deal with Blackford
Article Thumbnail ImageDecember 4, 2012 -- Advanced visualization developer Fovia has signed an agreement to access image registration algorithms developed by Blackford Analysis of the U.K., enabling the firms to offer compatible software development kits (SDKs) to imaging companies.

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  • Blackford Fusion software, originally developed for astrophysicists, accelerates the process of image study comparison by enabling radiologists to pinpoint areas of interest in one study and have those areas automatically linked to the same points in separate MR, CT, or PET scans. At the same time, Fovia's High Definition Volume Rendering (HDVR) software provides on-the-fly advanced visualization via the cloud or over local networks.

    By combining the Blackford and Fovia technologies, a medical imaging OEM can provide customers with rapid access to automatically registered datasets, allowing radiologists to spend more time on analysis and decision-making, according to the company. This capability will become more important as imaging datasets become larger and more complex.

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