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EHR tool reduces diagnostic tests
April 22, 2014 -- A health information exchange tool in electronic health record (EHR) software can help avoid a significant number of diagnostic tests and procedures, according to researchers from Allina Health.
Carotid narrowing tied to memory, thinking decline
April 22, 2014 -- The narrowing of the carotid artery may be linked to problems in learning, memory, thinking, and decision-making, according to research to be presented at this week's American Academy of Neurology annual meeting.
VuCOMP gets 2 patents
April 22, 2014 -- VuCOMP was issued two patents for technology related to its M-Vu CAD system for mammography; the firm has also filed seven more patents.
Leasing firm partners with ClearMRI on lease financing
April 22, 2014 -- Top Group Capital, a provider of leasing and financing services to the medical community, is now working with MRI equipment manufacturer ClearMRI Solutions.
ASOR launches at Arab Radiology Congress
April 22, 2014 -- The Arab School of Radiology (ASOR) made its official launch at last week's 7th Arab Radiology Congress meeting in Doha, Qatar.
CCTA plus stress CT MPI boosts diagnosis of high-risk patients
April 21, 2014 -- Combining coronary CT angiography (CCTA) and stress CT myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) improves the evaluation of coronary artery stenosis in high-risk patients, reducing the number of false positives and potentially the number of unnecessary interventions, according to new research from the Medical University of South Carolina.
CAD detects retained surgical items on radiographs
April 21, 2014 -- Retained surgical items after surgery can be a significant source of mortality, morbidity, and cost. Computer-aided detection (CAD) technology can help prevent these costly errors, however, according to a group from the University of Michigan Health System.
vRad expands into China
April 21, 2014 -- Teleradiology services provider Virtual Radiologic (vRad) and Shenzhen-based E-Techco signed a strategic partnership agreement last week.
Radiation dose safety: Filtering the message from the noise
April 18, 2014 -- Patient radiation dose safety is a hot topic in the imaging industry and media. But as often happens when a subject is hot, the radiation safety information pool has become muddied with disparate and conflicting information. Neil Singh from Ascendian Healthcare Consulting helps filter the true message in radiation safety from the industry noise.
Ariz. governor signs breast density bill into law
April 18, 2014 -- Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed a breast density bill into law on April 17, making the state the 15th in the U.S. to enact breast density legislation.
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