Radiation dose safety: Filtering the message from the noise
April 18, 2014 -- Patient radiation dose safety is a hot topic in the imaging industry and media. But as often happens when a subject is hot, the radiation safety information pool has become muddied with disparate and conflicting information. Neil Singh from Ascendian Healthcare Consulting helps filter the true message in radiation safety from the industry noise.
Ariz. governor signs breast density bill into law
April 18, 2014 -- Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed a breast density bill into law on April 17, making the state the 15th in the U.S. to enact breast density legislation.
MRI shows brown fat in living adult
April 18, 2014 -- British researchers for the first time are using MRI to show the presence of brown adipose tissue in a living adult.
MRI finds loss of brain volume in older, apathetic adults
April 17, 2014 -- MRI scans have revealed that older adults with bouts of apathy may have smaller volumes of gray and white matter in areas of the brain associated with learning, memory, and internal communication, according to a study published online April 16 in Neurology.
Lung cancer screening reduces mortality in COPD patients
April 17, 2014 -- Lung cancer screening with CT and spirometry delivers a high rate of diagnosis of early-stage lung cancers and reduces mortality in individuals with mild to moderate chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), according to a pilot study in Respiratory Medicine.
Philips temporarily halts production at Cleveland plant
April 17, 2014 -- Philips Healthcare has temporarily halted production at its Cleveland manufacturing facility following an inspection by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
GE Healthcare's numbers slip in Q1 report
April 17, 2014 -- GE Healthcare today cited "U.S. challenges" and a "few rough spots" for a slight decline in revenue and profit in the first quarter of 2014.
CBO revises estimate on self-referral costs
April 17, 2014 -- The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has reported that Medicare could save approximately $3.4 billion over 10 years if a loophole in the self-referral law is closed.
Nuance buys Accelarad, rebrands image sharing network
April 17, 2014 -- Nuance Communications has acquired Accelarad, in the process rebranding that company's cloud-based image-sharing network.
Calgary Scientific gets ResolutionMD OK in China
April 17, 2014 -- Calgary Scientific has received certification for its ResolutionMD software from the China Food and Drug Administration for diagnosis on both Web and mobile devices for all imaging modalities.
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