Rads must use YouTube to spread accurate radiation info
April 25, 2016 -- More and more patients are turning to social media outlets like YouTube to find health information, especially about topics such as the radiation dose risk from CT. But this information may not be accurate, according to a presentation given at the American Roentgen Ray Society meeting in Los Angeles.
How to get paid for radiology ultrasound contrast scans
April 25, 2016 -- It's great that the ultrasound contrast agent Lumason has finally been approved in the U.S. for radiology applications, but how do you get paid for it? In this column, Donna Richmond of Panacea Healthcare Solutions examines Lumason reimbursement and the coding steps you need to take to get paid.
Ignoring radiology recommendations puts patients at risk
April 22, 2016 -- Referring physicians who ignore recommendations by radiologists for follow-up studies could be jeopardizing the health of their patients, according to research presented at the American Roentgen Ray Society meeting in Los Angeles.
Choosing unwisely: Lung cancer patients get brain scans
April 22, 2016 -- Patients with newly diagnosed lung cancer don't need brain scans, but they get them anyway, according to a new study in the April edition of Chest that examined patients diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer as part of the National Lung Screening Trial.
Cardiac PET/MRI protocol reduces radiation dose
April 21, 2016 -- Researchers have developed a new cardiac PET/MRI protocol with sodium fluoride that significantly reduces radiation dose and artifacts, enhancing the view of disease activity in coronary arteries.
ARRS: CT has replaced radiography for abdominal imaging
April 20, 2016 -- LOS ANGELES - Over the past 20 years, the use of abdominal imaging among Medicare beneficiaries has changed significantly, with dramatic increases in CT and MR and dramatic decreases in gastrointestinal fluoroscopic and urologic radiographic imaging, according to research presented at the American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS) meeting.
Lexmark to be sold to Chinese consortium for $3.6B
April 20, 2016 -- As rumored earlier this month, printing firm and software developer Lexmark International has agreed to a $3.6 billion acquisition offer by an investor consortium led by Chinese ink cartridge manufacturer Apex Technology and private equity firm PAG Asia Capital.
ARRS: Metal fragments in veterans can make MRI dicey
April 20, 2016 -- LOS ANGELES - Can MR be used safely in patients like combat veterans, who often have retained metal fragments in their bodies? Yes, but proceed with caution, according to research presented at the American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS) meeting.
CCTA falls short in detection of culprit plaque
April 20, 2016 -- In a population of myocardial infarction patients spanning 10 years of clinical practice, coronary CT angiography (CCTA) showed only limited ability to detect culprit lesions in the coronary arteries that went on to cause heart attacks -- though its positive predictive value was perfect, researchers concluded.
3D-printed skull saves patient's life
April 20, 2016 -- Surgeons in South Korea used data from CT scans to create a 3D-printed skull made of titanium and implant it in a patient just in time to save her life, according to an article on
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