GBCA-related allergic reactions rare in cardiac MRI
November 28, 2017 -- CHICAGO - With the ongoing debate over the safety of gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCAs), German researchers are offering evidence that GBCAs are safe to use in cardiac MRI applications, according to a study presented on Tuesday at RSNA 2017.  Discuss
Video from RSNA 2017: Cinematic rendering -- Just pretty pictures or paradigm shift?
November 28, 2017 -- CHICAGO - One of the most intriguing new technologies in radiology is cinematic rendering, a 3D reconstruction technique that produces amazingly lifelike images from CT and MRI scans. Are cinematic-rendered images just pretty pictures, or do they represent a paradigm shift in how radiologists will do their jobs in the future? Dr. Elliot Fishman of Johns Hopkins University addresses these questions.  Discuss
Radiologists aid mass disaster recovery with mobile CT
November 28, 2017 -- CHICAGO - Not knowing the identity or whereabouts of people who were part of a mass disaster is frustrating for physicians and devastating for loved ones. Mobile CT scanners can help ameliorate this issue, according to a study presented on Monday at RSNA 2017.  Discuss
Video from RSNA 2017: Gadolinium retention debate takes center stage
November 28, 2017 -- CHICAGO - When action movie star Chuck Norris earlier this month filed suit against firms involved in the distribution of gadolinium-based contrast agents, he put a human face on the gadolinium retention issue. MRI safety expert Dr. Emanuel Kanal of the University of Pittsburgh discusses the latest findings in what's known about gadolinium safety in this video.  Discuss
Cybersecurity remains a problem in radiology
November 28, 2017 -- CHICAGO - Nearly 3,000 DICOM servers worldwide remain open and unsecured against external data access, representing a considerable ongoing cybersecurity threat to radiology, according to a presentation on Monday at the RSNA 2017 conference.  Discuss
How accurate are SRU guidelines for advanced fibrosis?
November 28, 2017 -- CHICAGO - How dependable are guidelines from the Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound (SRU) for evaluating advanced fibrosis in patients with cirrhosis? There's room for improvement, according to research delivered on Monday at the RSNA 2017 meeting.  Discuss
Video from RSNA 2017: Perception Lab turns radiologists into research subjects
November 28, 2017 -- CHICAGO - If you want to research the limits of human perception, who better to study than radiologists? That's the philosophy of the Perception Lab, an experiment that will be appearing for the second straight year at RSNA 2017. Jeremy Wolfe, PhD, of Harvard Medical School discusses the lab and how RSNA attendees can participate.  Discuss
Study finds diet is crucial for protecting knees
November 28, 2017 -- Knee cartilage degeneration from osteoarthritis can be slowed in obese people who lose a substantial amount of weight, but only if diet is a component of the weight-loss regimen, according to research presented on November 28 at the RSNA 2017 meeting.  Discuss
Fat distribution linked to heart attack risk
November 28, 2017 -- Where a person's body fat is stored may increase their risk of having a heart attack, a stroke, and diabetes -- and the level of risk may also be influenced by the person's sex, according to research presented on November 28 at the RSNA 2017 meeting in Chicago.  Discuss
MRI technique may help diagnose migraine headaches
November 28, 2017 -- While painful and often debilitating for patients, migraines can also be difficult to diagnose and differentiate from other types of headaches. An MRI technique may help alleviate that diagnostic challenge, according to research presented on November 28 at the RSNA 2017 meeting in Chicago.  Discuss
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