CT reveals complex function of bird beaks
November 11, 2016 -- An innovative CT technique has revealed that bird beaks function as complex radiators, cooling systems, and humidifiers all in one, and they vary according to habitat, according to new research published in ornithology journal The Auk: Ornithological Advances.
Siemens plans to spin off healthcare as separate business
November 10, 2016 -- German industrial giant Siemens is planning to spin off its Siemens Healthineers business as an independent publicly traded company, according to an announcement made by the company on November 10.
What does the 2016 election mean for radiology?
November 10, 2016 -- With Donald Trump winning the U.S. presidential election and the Republicans maintaining control of both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate, the country will shift to the right and federal and state healthcare policy could change dramatically. What might this mean for radiology?
The Neighborhood Radiologist: Language of the chest x-ray
November 10, 2016 -- We're pleased to introduce the first column by the Neighborhood Radiologist, Dr. Neal Klitsch. With his blog and website, Klitsch aims to make radiology more understandable and approachable for patients, referring physicians, and radiologists-in-training. In his first column, Klitsch explains the language of the chest x-ray.
#MyRadGirlfriend No. 12: Going to Chicago
November 10, 2016 -- Andy tells Ryan the news about her trip to RSNA 2016, and he can't wait to start planning in the next installment of #MyRadGirlfriend.
Could radiologists be found liable for patient suicide?
November 9, 2016 -- If a patient commits suicide after receiving imaging exam results he or she perceives to be bad news, could the radiologist be held responsible? It's a compelling question, and one radiologists need to consider as patients gain increasing access to radiology reports through online portals or even direct mail.
Gadobutrol causes 'very low' number of allergic-like reactions
November 9, 2016 -- As radiologists and clinicians maintain their vigilance over the judicious use of gadolinium-based contrast agents for MRI scans, a new prospective study in Radiology has found that one agent, gadobutrol, resulted in a very low number of allergic-like reactions.
Can one PACS display be just as good as two?
November 8, 2016 -- Radiologists can be faster and achieve the same level of diagnostic performance on one 8-megapixel PACS display as they can using a common dual 5-megapixel display configuration, according to research published online recently in the Journal of Digital Imaging.
AJR paper describes errors in pediatric radiography
November 8, 2016 -- A review paper in the October issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology describes some of the errors that occur in chest radiography exams in children, with the goal of educating radiology professionals about the types of pathologies and disorders -- both frequent and infrequent -- they can encounter in kids.
The tax benefits of year-end equipment financing
November 7, 2016 -- For many businesses, the fourth quarter is the perfect time to assess their performance and begin planning for the coming year. It's important to keep in mind that factors related to how businesses pay for capital equipment can affect their overall financial health, according to Mark Hoffman from Key Equipment Finance.
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