NH report slams Exeter Hospital procedures in hepatitis C outbreak
June 27, 2013 -- In an official report, state health authorities in New Hampshire say that officials and staff at Exeter Hospital had lax procedures and missed multiple warning signs in the case of a cardiac cath lab technologist who infected dozens of patients with hepatitis C as part of an alleged drug diversion scheme.
AJR: Virtual colonoscopy's time has come
June 27, 2013 -- Virtual colonoscopy researchers have served up all the evidence the U.S. government asked for, and as a result they've concluded the time is now for approval of the technique to screen for colorectal cancer, according to an article published in the July American Journal of Roentgenology.
Is the human brain wired to miss breast cancer?
June 27, 2013 -- Radiologists miss breast cancer on mammography exams for many reasons, including failures of perception, poor compression or positioning, and breast density. But another reason is that the human brain may be wired to miss targets when they occur less frequently, according to a study published in PLOS One.
Practice of Ultrasound: Part 11 -- Through the lymphatic bayou
June 26, 2013 -- presents the latest in a series of columns on the practice of ultrasound from Dr. Jason Birnholz, one of the pioneers of this modality. In this installment, he discusses lymphatics and the importance of using your intuition.
Nuclear medicine facilities adhering to radiation dose standards
June 26, 2013 -- Nuclear medicine facilities in the U.S. appear to be getting the message about controlling radiation dose. A new survey of more than 300 SPECT and PET centers found that most are keeping dose levels within generally accepted levels.
Better than mammography? CT lung screening is cost-effective
June 25, 2013 -- The economics of CT lung cancer screening measure up to other population-based screening programs such as mammography in terms of cost-effectiveness, according to an analysis of data from the National Lung Screening Trial that was presented on Monday at a U.S. National Cancer Institute meeting.
Patient factors, not doctors, affect emergency imaging
June 25, 2013 -- Little of the geographic variations in emergency department imaging use can be attributed to physician characteristics such as experience, training, or gender, according to a new study published online in Radiology. In fact, variations in imaging use have more to do with patients.
Sagittal reconstructions of MDCT scans help identify sternal injuries
June 25, 2013 -- It's critical to diagnose injuries quickly and accurately in trauma cases. In sternal injuries, incorporating sagittal reconstructions in chest MDCT studies can help support that goal, researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham concluded.
Survey finds U.S. installed base of gamma cameras is aging
June 24, 2013 -- The average age of gamma cameras at nuclear cardiology labs in the U.S. grew by two years between 2009 and 2011, according to a survey from the University of Missouri. The authors believe that economics is playing a larger role in whether a facility can afford to employ the latest imaging technology.
Research falls short in backing PET for cancer surveillance
June 21, 2013 -- Published research isn't sufficiently showing the effectiveness of PET and PET/CT for the surveillance of several cancers, according to a June 17 article in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine. Studies lack standard definitions for surveillance, use different scanning protocols, and have inconsistent reports of test accuracy.
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