Carville, Rove share competing visions for U.S. healthcare
March 13, 2013 -- As might be expected, political consultants James Carville and Karl Rove found little to agree on during a debate at last week's Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) meeting. However, they did offer an intelligent and surprisingly civil discussion that illuminated the U.S. healthcare dilemma.
ACC: Nonthoracic MRI may be safe for pacemaker, ICD patients
March 13, 2013 -- SAN FRANCISCO - Nonthoracic MRI scans are safe for patients with cardiac pacemakers or implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs), according to preliminary results from the MagnaSafe Registry presented on March 10 at the 2013 American College of Cardiology (ACC) meeting.
GE, NFL join forces to tackle traumatic brain injury
March 12, 2013 -- NEW YORK CITY - With the goal of improving the safety of athletes, members of the U.S. Armed Forces, and society overall, GE Healthcare and the National Football League (NFL) have launched a $60 million program aimed at speeding the diagnosis of and improving treatment for mild traumatic brain injury.
High-field MRI exposure linked to techs' depression
March 11, 2013 -- VIENNA - As MRI continues to advance to greater magnet strengths to uncover mysteries in the body, researchers warned on Monday at ECR 2013 that constant exposure to high-field systems could lead to psychological problems such as clinical depression among MRI technologists.
CT of mummies finds heart disease an ancient problem
March 11, 2013 -- Using CT to image mummies from four different geographical regions -- and spanning 4,000 years of human history -- researchers have found that heart disease was common among ancient people, according to a study published online on Sunday in Lancet.
Radiologists dislike how their profession is portrayed on TV
March 10, 2013 -- VIENNA - Radiologists have a very low opinion of how their profession is portrayed on television programs, while patients and technologists believe the TV shows are accurate examples of radiology at work, according to the results of a survey presented on Sunday at ECR 2013.
South African radiology demonstrates its dynamism, vibrancy at ECR
March 10, 2013 -- VIENNA - It's dynamic, exciting, and evolving. That's how an engaging presenter opened her talk about the state of academic radiology training in South Africa at ECR 2013. The reality, as displayed in the lectures at Saturday's "ESR meets South Africa" session, certainly lived up to the promise.
Including menopause as factor aids breast US performance
March 9, 2013 -- VIENNA - Menopause has an important influence on breast elasticity as measured by elasticity parameters, according to study results presented this week at ECR 2013. Taking this factor into consideration may help improve the diagnostic performance of breast sonoelastography, the researchers found.
CMS reconsiders oncology PET tracer coverage limitations
March 8, 2013 -- As it had proposed in December, the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has removed a national noncoverage determination for radiopharmaceuticals with oncology PET imaging. However, CMS was not swayed by lobbying efforts to also include cardiac and neurological applications in the decision.
Airport security scanners carry some radiation risk
March 8, 2013 -- VIENNA - Airport security scanners are safe for individuals, but when their effects are considered collectively, there is still a risk of cancer developing due to the machines, ECR 2013 delegates learned at a standing-room-only session on Thursday afternoon.
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