Medicare drives down payments for medical imaging
April 28, 2017 -- Medicare payment policies intended to curb spending for noninvasive diagnostic imaging services have been quite successful over the past decade, reducing costs to the program for these procedures by 33% between 2006 and 2015, according to a study published online April 24 in the Journal of the American College of Radiology.
Should Pink October really be Pink February?
April 28, 2017 -- Every year around the world, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is observed in October, with activities ranging from fundraising walks to patient education and screening initiatives. But is October really the best time for this outreach? Brazilian researchers say perhaps not, according to a new study published April 6 in JMIR Public Health and Surveillance.
SPECT/CT can solve renal cell carcinoma diagnosis conundrum
April 27, 2017 -- By turning to a SPECT/CT scan with technetium-99m sestamibi, clinicians can overcome inconclusive or suspicious CT or MRI results and are better able to characterize and diagnose renal cell carcinoma, according to a study published in the April issue of Clinical Nuclear Medicine.
Photon-counting breast CT shows promise
April 27, 2017 -- Tests of a prototype photon-counting detector breast CT scanner show that the system could be useful as an adjunct to low-dose breast CT by separating the energy levels of different types of materials within the breast to assess tissue composition and improve cancer diagnosis.
Can AI accurately diagnose tuberculosis from chest x-rays?
April 26, 2017 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) software can accurately identify tuberculosis on chest radiographs, offering the potential to serve as an inexpensive or even free method to screen for the often deadly disease in underserved countries, according to a study published online April 25 in Radiology.
Radiologists should ease into their golden years
April 26, 2017 -- What's the best way for a radiologist to retire? A retirement plan that's phased in is likely the best fit for most radiologists -- as well as their practices -- according to a past president of the Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR), speaking at CAR's recent annual meeting in Montreal.
MRI scans of 'brain age' could predict poor health
April 25, 2017 -- Researchers combined MRI scans with machine-learning algorithms to develop a "brain age" score that could provide insights into which patients are at risk for poor health and may die at an early age, according to a study published online April 25 in Molecular Psychiatry.
3D printing's legal landscape remains wild, untamed
April 25, 2017 -- Many of the qualities that make 3D printing such an exciting field are the same ones that create a perilous legal environment for the industry, according to experts at last week's 3DHeals conference. From patent protections to product liability, 3D printing's sparse legal track record and unique manufacturing processes raise issues that lack clear answers.
How do high-deductible health plans affect radiology?
April 24, 2017 -- The rise of high-deductible health plans is creating new challenges for imaging facilities, according to Carin Carlson of Healthcare Administrative Partners. Patient collections are once again becoming an important activity, and there are winners and losers under the new structure.
3DHeals: 3D printing start-ups demand skill, persistence
April 21, 2017 -- SAN FRANCISCO - Start-ups are hard enough in any field, but medical device start-ups -- including 3D printing hopefuls -- require extra helpings of dedication and persistence to succeed, according to experts speaking April 20 at the 3DHeals 2017 conference.
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