Breast density varies significantly by age
May 28, 2012 -- Focusing too much on breast density in determining when women should begin breast cancer screening can be misguided, according to researchers in Philadelphia. They found that breast density variation can defy conventional wisdom -- namely, that only younger women have dense breast tissue.
VA issues report on security for mobile devices
May 25, 2012 -- The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Office of Inspector General has published the findings of its investigation into allegations that the organization was circumventing security requirements for Apple mobile devices.
Emergency MR or CT cases? Not a problem for the iPad
May 25, 2012 -- Radiologists can use the iPad to read a broad spectrum of emergency MR and CT cases commonly encountered during after-hours, on-call coverage, according to a Singapore study published online in the Journal of Digital Imaging.
Name change, global cooperation among top priorities at SNM 2012
May 25, 2012 -- As nuclear medicine and molecular imaging become increasingly entwined, the Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM) is looking to keep pace and expand its reach beyond the boundaries of the radioisotopes on which the medical specialty was founded.
Software tool facilitates radiologist-technologist feedback
May 25, 2012 -- Thomas Jefferson University recently experienced a spike in the number of scratches on radiography images at one location. Thanks to an internally developed PACS plug-in called Technique Logger, however, the institution was able to quickly diagnose the problem: faulty equipment maintenance.
ATS: Lung cancers arise from tissue damaged by emphysema
May 24, 2012 -- SAN FRANCISCO - Preliminary research from the University of Pittsburgh shows that lung cancers originate in areas of the lung damaged by emphysema. The finding, presented at this week's American Thoracic Society (ATS) meeting, adds to evidence suggesting that a common underlying mechanism links the two diseases.
Breast density laws may spur new screening modalities
May 24, 2012 -- As breast density notification legislation continues to spread across the U.S., the new laws will begin to have greater influence not only on standards in breast imaging, but also on screening technologies, according to market research firm Frost & Sullivan.
Analysis: Don't screen low-risk people for lung cancer -- ever
May 23, 2012 -- SAN FRANCISCO - Screening lower-risk individuals snuffs out the benefit of CT lung cancer screening while multiplying the costs and risks of the technology, according to a presentation on Tuesday at the 2012 American Thoracic Society meeting.
Breast MRI helps predict chemotherapy's effectiveness
May 23, 2012 -- MRI is better than clinical assessment in determining breast tumor response to presurgical neoadjuvant chemotherapy, a finding that could help direct treatment for breast disease, according to new study published in the June issue of Radiology.
Studies support C-11 choline PET/CT for prostate cancer
May 23, 2012 -- PET/CT with a carbon-11 (C-11) choline radiotracer is effective for evaluating prostate cancer, and in many cases it is better than conventional imaging for detecting the disease, according to three papers presented this week at the American Urological Association annual meeting in Atlanta.
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