Prototype shows potential for patient-centered image sharing
August 29, 2012 -- Current image-sharing methods based on CDs are burdensome to both patients and providers alike and also raise privacy concerns. However, researchers from Wake Forest University have developed a patient-controlled prototype image-sharing framework that aims to tackle those problems.
ESC: 320-detector-row CTA plus perfusion helps triage patients
August 28, 2012 -- A two-step heart test consisting of 320-detector-row CT angiography (CTA) followed by CT perfusion helps separate patients who need invasive angiography from those who do not, according to results of the international CORE 320 study presented on Monday at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) meeting in Munich.
Commercial screening tests, imaging overuse spike health costs
August 28, 2012 -- Screening tests that are sold directly to consumers by commercial firms without physician referrals inflate healthcare costs and erode efforts to provide high-value care -- and medical imaging is a big part of the problem, according to a pair of opinion articles published on August 27 in the Annals of Internal Medicine.
Simple procedures are keys to success of proton facilities
August 28, 2012 -- The use of proton therapy for prostate cancer patients is highly controversial because its high cost compared to other radiation therapy treatments has not been justified by superior patient outcomes. However, prostate cancer patients are essential for a proton therapy center's financial well-being.
ESC: Fractional flow reserve CT finds vessels causing ischemia
August 27, 2012 -- Fractional flow reserve CT in patients with significant stenosis can distinguish those with coronary artery disease who need revascularization from those who don't, concluded a study presented on Sunday at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) meeting and published concurrently in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
MRI software from MGH offers better estimate of tumor volumes
August 27, 2012 -- Software developed at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) may offer a better way to estimate changes in tumor volume after treatment in soft-tissue sarcoma patients, giving physicians a better tool to track the effectiveness of therapy.
Report leads Univ. of Iowa to fire nuclear medicine physician
August 24, 2012 -- The University of Iowa has terminated the employment of Dr. Malik Juweid, a nuclear medicine physician who has been embroiled in a personnel dispute with the university's department of radiology. Juweid's termination came after a report that detailed what investigators called a pattern of disruptive behavior at the university.
RT radiation dose to pancreas linked to adult diabetes risk
August 24, 2012 -- Childhood cancer survivors whose treatment included abdominal radiotherapy (RT) have an increased risk of developing diabetes. Now, a study published online August 23 in Lancet Oncology has narrowed the location of radiation dose vulnerability to the tail of the pancreas.
New takes on image guidance for radiation therapy
August 24, 2012 -- Kilovoltage and megavoltage conebeam CT are predominantly used for real-time imaging during radiation therapy, with systems based on ultrasound or MRI now also being developed. But there are other imaging modalities that could be used, including those that offer functional and molecular information regarding the tumor being treated.
Radiologists vary DR image quality to optimize radiation dose
August 24, 2012 -- A new Chinese study questions the assumption that striving for the highest possible image quality is always the best approach. Researchers developed an x-ray optimization strategy that cuts the dose of digital radiography (DR) substantially by adjusting dose levels based on the type of exam being conducted.
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