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One-stop cardiac assessment evolves with dual-source CT
February 10, 2010 -- U.S. researchers have used dual-source CT to pull off what only recently would have been impossible: dynamic evaluation of the time-resolved passage of contrast through the myocardium, according to a study published this week in the Journal of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography.
Virtual dual-energy DR improves lung lesion detection
February 10, 2010 -- Dual-energy imaging is a promising technique for improving the performance of digital radiography (DR) in finding lung lesions by removing bony obstructions, but it requires specialized hardware. University of Chicago researchers may have found a software-based alternative.
Zero calcium score enough to send chest pain patients home
February 10, 2010 -- Patients presenting to the emergency room with chest pain who have zero calcium scores on cardiac CT probably can be discharged with a low likelihood of adverse events on follow-up, according to a study published online February 8 in the Annals of Emergency Medicine.
Study to compare 320-row CT perfusion against SPECT
February 10, 2010 -- Following up on the CORE 64 study that tested the value of coronary CT angiography vis-à-vis angiography, researchers have launched a new international trial to compare 320-detector-row CT perfusion to SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging for detecting early coronary artery disease.
FDA launches initiative to rein in medical radiation
February 9, 2010 -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration this week announced an initiative to reduce unnecessary radiation exposure from CT, fluoroscopy, and nuclear medicine exams. The move is widely believed to be in response to reports of rising exposure to medical radiation in the U.S. population.
Stress perfusion CT adds value to coronary CT angiography
February 9, 2010 -- Combined stress perfusion CT imaging not only is feasible, it's potentially valuable for assessing some patients at risk of coronary artery disease in a one-modality imaging procedure, according to a study appearing this month in Radiology.
MRI shows impact of video games on brain regions
February 9, 2010 -- Researchers are using MRI to see how two regions of the brain respond to playing video games, with the hope of using that functional information to craft training and rehabilitative exercises for both healthy individuals and neurologically impaired patients.
Software enables ultralow-dose CCTA in arrhythmia patients
February 9, 2010 -- A new algorithm enables patients with arrhythmias to undergo the kind of ultralow-dose coronary CT angiography (CCTA) imaging once reserved for those with regular heartbeats. The technique paves the way for low-dose scanning in a new population of patients with suspected coronary artery disease.
BJR: Prospective coronary CTA cuts cancer risk
February 9, 2010 -- The use of prospective gating in CT angiography (CTA) scans can dramatically reduce theoretical cancer risks associated with the heart exams -- by as much as 87% over retrospective gating -- according to a new study published online in the British Journal of Radiology.
CATCH rules accurately predict which kids need head CT
February 9, 2010 -- Canadian researchers have issued a new set of clinical rules for determining which injured children need head CT. They hope the new guidelines could help prevent unnecessary radiation exposure and costs associated with CT overuse, researchers said.
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