Mob rule: VC results from 'crowdsourcing' competitive with CAD
February 20, 2012 -- Can computer workers without medical training distinguish true polyps from false ones as effectively as virtual colonoscopy computer-aided detection (CAD) software? Actually, they do almost as well as CAD -- and sometimes better -- according to a study of Web-based "crowdsourcing" applied to polyp classification.
DTI-MRI shows brain differences in infants who develop autism
February 17, 2012 -- Using diffusion-tensor MRI (DTI-MRI), researchers have discovered significant differences in early brain development in high-risk infants who later develop autism, compared with those who do not develop the disorder, according to a study published online February 17 in the American Journal of Psychiatry.
Vining aims to change radiology's perspective with ViSion
February 17, 2012 -- Dr. David Vining hopes that lightning can strike a third time. The radiologist who pioneered virtual colonoscopy and structured reporting is working on a new endeavor, called ViSion, that he hopes will take multimedia structured reporting to the next level, ultimately becoming radiology's version of Facebook.
The Profit Center: Part 24 -- Shadow your competition
February 17, 2012 -- In this latest Profit Center installment, healthcare business and legal affairs expert Mark Weiss discusses how to uncover weaknesses in your contracts and relationships -- before your competitors do it for you.
Siemens, Dell form alliance for cloud-based archiving
February 16, 2012 -- Two industry heavyweights are joining forces in cloud-based archiving on the eve of next week's Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society meeting in Las Vegas. Siemens Healthcare and Dell plan to announce an alliance to jointly deliver a cloud-based, vendor-neutral image archiving and sharing service.
DR matches analog x-ray for pleural pneumoconiosis
February 16, 2012 -- Another milestone has been reached in establishing equivalency between digital radiography (DR) and conventional film-screen chest radiography for characterizing pneumoconiosis, a set of pulmonary diseases associated with job-related black lung disease and asbestosis.
CT viable option to exclude cervical spine injury in obtunded patients
February 15, 2012 -- Using CT for mentally compromised trauma patients to exclude cervical spine injury is a viable alternative to cervical collar immobilization and reduces unnecessary patient immobilization, according to research presented at last week's American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons annual meeting.
Low reader confidence in CAD hinders results in MRA screening
February 15, 2012 -- Computer-aided detection (CAD) technology can be a valuable tool for improving the detection of cerebral aneurysms, but researchers from the University of Tokyo found that a lack of reader confidence in CAD findings can impede its effectiveness when used for MR angiography (MRA) screening.
FDDNP-PET helps predict Alzheimer's progression
February 14, 2012 -- Using PET to image the radiopharmaceutical FDDNP in the brain, California researchers are showing how the accumulation of abnormal protein deposits is associated with Alzheimer's disease progression, according to a study in the February Archives of Neurology.
Obama's 2013 budget mandates imaging preauthorization
February 14, 2012 -- President Barack Obama's proposed 2013 U.S. budget would save Medicare and Medicaid nearly $5 billion over the next decade -- in part by requiring prior authorization for advanced diagnostic imaging services.
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