HIMSS promotes need for national patient ID study
September 25, 2012 -- The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) has recommended to the U.S. Congress that it should conduct a study to identify an appropriate nationwide patient data matching strategy.
Calif. governor signs breast density notification bill
September 24, 2012 -- After vetoing legislation last year, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill over the weekend that requires women in the state to be notified following a mammogram if they have dense breast tissue, according to the bill's author, Sen. Joe Simitian.
Fast video cards enlisted in drive to curb CT dose
September 24, 2012 -- High-speed computer graphics cards are being used to provide faster and cheaper radiation dose estimates than supercomputer-based software that has traditionally taken several hours to compute doses from CT scans, say researchers from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
CTA, not CTP, makes the call for ischemic stroke treatment
September 24, 2012 -- CT perfusion (CTP) imaging of the brain brings multiple diagnostic benefits for ischemic stroke patients, but it's not needed when deciding whether to revascularize, according to neuroradiologist Dr. Michael Lev from Massachusetts General Hospital. CT angiography (CTA) can also be used as a surrogate for diffusion-weighted MRI to determine infarct size.
Study shows DBT boosts mammography's accuracy
September 24, 2012 -- Adding digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) to digital mammography boosts accuracy in finding soft-tissue abnormalities, researchers report in the October issue of Clinical Radiology. And that can only help reduce both healthcare costs and patient anxiety.
Retail venues could boost mammo screening rates
September 21, 2012 -- Offering mammography screening services at retail healthcare locations such as pharmacies could boost women's adherence to screening guidelines, according to a new study published in Academic Radiology.
Hillman: Radiology is a victim of its own success
September 20, 2012 -- Radiology is experiencing a backlash among policymakers and other physicians that could threaten its future -- a backlash that's based in large part on its own success, said Dr. Bruce Hillman in a September 20 presentation at RADExpo 2012: The Cutting Edge of Imaging, a virtual conference from
CAD may lead to incomplete searching of images
September 20, 2012 -- The advantages of computer-aided detection (CAD) software can be sharply reduced if readers focus their attention primarily on areas of images with CAD marks, researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School have found.
Radiation doses OK in 1st Thailand pediatric CT survey
September 20, 2012 -- Researchers in Thailand have published the country's first pediatric radiation dose survey based on data from three university hospitals. The group found that CT dose levels generally are reasonable for brain, chest, and abdominal exams.
Mary's Musings: Let's get real with radiology peer review
September 19, 2012 -- When I survived the trip to Louisville and actually passed my radiology boards, I had crossed a milestone and never had to return -- except for a mint julep or two. But that's no longer the case, and most radiologists have to renew their certification every 10 years. Should we embrace or reject this new requirement?
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