CMS tool may overestimate number of unnecessary brain CTs
March 16, 2012 -- There may be flaws in a new statistical tool developed by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that's designed to measure how often hospitals perform appropriate brain CT studies on emergency patients presenting with headaches, according to an article published online February 24 in Annals of Emergency Medicine.
The Practice of Ultrasound: Part 4 -- Female pelvic ultrasound
March 16, 2012 -- presents the fourth in a series of columns on the practice of ultrasound from Dr. Jason Birnholz, one of the pioneers of this modality. In this installment, Dr. Birnholz discusses the history and strengths and weaknesses of ob/gyn ultrasound, which is often inappropriately utilized.
PET with florbetapir achieves good image quality
March 15, 2012 -- A study in the March issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine provides more evidence in support of the radiotracer florbetapir: It appears well-suited as a biomarker to detect characteristics of Alzheimer's disease and someday could possibly guide treatment of individuals with the disease.
Brain PET enhances radiation therapy planning
March 15, 2012 -- A brain PET scanner based on semiconductor detectors can provide more accurate tumor delineation than a conventional whole-body PET system, according to researchers from Japan, who found that the newly developed system had twice the spatial resolution of conventional PET systems.
CVIS, RIS offer growth prospects amidst PACS saturation
March 14, 2012 -- While the PACS markets in most developed regions have reached a point of high saturation, the worldwide market for cardiovascular information systems (CVIS) and radiology information systems (RIS) is expected to be worth $600 million in 2012.
Leaders in Imaging: A conversation with Dr. Stephen Brown
March 14, 2012 -- In the latest interview in our Leaders in Imaging series, we spoke with Dr. Stephen Brown of Children's Hospital Boston about the issue of disclosing harmful radiology errors to patients.
Smoking reduces radiotherapy's effectiveness
March 14, 2012 -- Diehard smokers diagnosed with head and neck cancers need to be told that it's never too late to stop smoking, especially if they are about to begin radiation therapy for their smoking-induced disease, according to an article published online this month in Radiotherapy and Oncology.
MRI shows space travel's effect on astronauts' eyes and brains
March 13, 2012 -- Researchers using MRI have discovered optical abnormalities in the eyes and brains of 27 astronauts who spent prolonged time in space. The abnormalities are similar to defects found in cases of intracranial hypertension, according to a study published online March 13 in Radiology.
NCBC: Breast density legislation cause for celebration?
March 13, 2012 -- The issue of dense breast tissue has long been a contentious one. As proponents of density notification pursue a legislative agenda, breast care centers must ensure they don't alienate women by opposing such efforts, according to a talk at the National Consortium of Breast Centers (NCBC) meeting in Las Vegas.
ED physicians vary widely in use of head CT
March 13, 2012 -- Emergency department (ED) physicians vary widely in their ordering patterns for head CT scans of patients, according to a study in the American Journal of Medicine. Ordering rates varied by as much as 300% for patients who presented with atraumatic headache, even between ED physicians in the same institution.
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