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Development efforts aim to facilitate CEUS for molecular imaging
May 14, 2010 -- ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - Contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) offers much potential for molecular imaging applications such as in vivo imaging of angiogenesis and assessing disease states for therapy monitoring. Researchers described the state of the art in CEUS in a presentation this week at the Leading Edge in Diagnostic Ultrasound conference.
Trials aim to bring radiology ultrasound contrast to U.S.
May 13, 2010 -- ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - The lack of approval of radiology ultrasound contrast in the U.S. has long stuck in the craw of the technology's advocates. But clinical trials are now moving forward with hopes of rectifying the situation, according to a presentation at the annual Leading Edge in Diagnostic Ultrasound conference.
Life after healthcare reform: Good, bad, and ugly
May 13, 2010 -- With U.S. healthcare reform signed into law this past March, insurers, medical groups, and hospitals are now trying to figure out exactly how the legislation will affect them and how to comply with it. For radiology -- which has long been targeted for reimbursement cuts -- tracking these changes is crucial.
MRI finds missed injuries on negative CT of blunt trauma
May 12, 2010 -- Even if a negative CT scan shows no injuries in the cervical spine after blunt trauma, MRI should be used to evaluate patients who are obtunded or unexaminable to avoid missed injuries due to the modality's excellent sensitivity for soft-tissue injuries.
Hospital to retake 900 mammograms due to employee error
May 12, 2010 -- A Georgia hospital is offering to retake more than 900 mammograms after it was discovered that an employee had marked the tests complete even though they had not been read by a radiologist.
Calcifications on CT distinguish malignant thyroid lesions
May 12, 2010 -- The presence of calcification on CT scans of thyroid nodules can neither prove nor rule out malignancy -- but calcification patterns may be one useful tool that radiologists can use to assess the likelihood of cancer, say researchers from China.
Whole-body MRI workup finds common breast metastases
May 11, 2010 -- Results of a new study indicate that whole-body MRI is an excellent way to work up newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. Researchers from India found that MRI led to a change in treatment in nearly half of patients, and it also found metastases in some patients before symptoms appeared.
CR-based digital mammography beats analog for screening
May 11, 2010 -- In the push to convert to digital mammography, many facilities are using computed radiography (CR)-based systems as an interim step. But just how well does CR mammography compare to traditional analog imaging in a screening environment?
H1N1 crisis helped Canadian rads plan for future pandemics
May 11, 2010 -- The lessons learned during the H1N1 pandemic by a Toronto radiology group are instructive for any radiology department seeking to be maximally effective during both normal conditions and emergencies, according to presentations at the Canadian Association of Radiologists annual meeting held in April in Montreal.
Breast surgeons could be option for reading mammograms
May 10, 2010 -- Dedicated breast surgeons are an excellent alternative to specialized breast radiologists for interpreting mammograms, especially in the face of what some say is a shortage of mammography specialists, according to a study presented at the recent American Society of Breast Surgeons meeting in Las Vegas.
Medical societies challenge CMS proposal for EHR adoption
May 10, 2010 -- Fifty-two of the largest and most influential medical professional societies and organizations in the U.S. have united to recommend major changes in the electronic health record (EHR) incentive programs proposed by the Obama administration.
Portable CT scanner recommended for pediatric ICU studies
May 10, 2010 -- Transporting critically ill children from intensive care units (ICUs) to radiology departments can be time-consuming and risky for physiologically unstable patients. Using a portable CT scanner resolves these issues, but does its use compromise image quality and diagnostic accuracy?
Filtering software boosts CT image quality, lowers dose
May 7, 2010 -- Adaptive image filtering can improve CT image quality and reduce image noise, enabling radiologists to lower radiation dose, concluded a study presented at this week's American Roentgen Ray Society meeting in San Diego.
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