AJR: Mammo interpretation time linked to clinical findings
April 24, 2012 -- Radiologists spend more time viewing mammographic findings for women who are ultimately recalled than for women who are not -- and the more confident they are in their interpretations, the less time they spend, according to a study in the April issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology.
American Lung Association supports CT screening for smokers
April 23, 2012 -- Based on mounting evidence that lung cancer screening with CT can save lives, the American Lung Association on Monday recommended CT lung cancer screening for smokers and former smokers. The move is a major step toward the development of a population-based CT screening program in the U.S.
Migrating to the Cloud: Part 2 -- Vendor selection and contracts
April 23, 2012 -- In the second part of our series on navigating the challenges of bringing healthcare data to the cloud, provides suggestions from attorneys Melissa Markey and Margaret Marchak on vendor selection, contracting matters, and disaster recovery.
Personalized dosimetry highlights Y-90 talks at SIR show
April 23, 2012 -- Radiation therapy with yttrium-90 (Y-90) microbeads is making strides, as witnessed by presentations at last month's Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) meeting. Papers at the San Francisco meeting covered topics ranging from personalized dosimetry to just how close loved ones can get to patients who have received Y-90 therapy.
Pediatric CT dose reduction lags in community hospitals
April 20, 2012 -- SAN FRANCISCO - A decade into worldwide dose reduction efforts, most community hospitals and imaging centers still haven't adopted low-dose CT techniques, according to a study presented on Thursday at the 2012 Society for Pediatric Radiology meeting.
FDA panel declines to ease rules on breast transilluminators
April 20, 2012 -- A breast imaging technology called breast transillumination will continue to be regulated under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's most stringent category for medical devices after an FDA panel declined a U.K. company's petition to relax its rules.
'One-size-fits-all' imaging cuts do more harm than good
April 20, 2012 -- Attacking imaging overutilization through blanket reductions in reimbursement could have unintended consequences, according to a new study published in this month's Health Affairs. Such cuts could backfire by also reducing imaging for patients who need it.
Migrating to the Cloud: Part 1 -- Benefits and regulatory issues
April 19, 2012 -- In the first of a two-part series on navigating the challenges of bringing healthcare data to the cloud, provides suggestions from attorneys Melissa Markey and Margaret Marchak on benefits, regulatory issues, and risk assessment of the cloud.
MRI details trauma's toll on brain health of professional fighters
April 19, 2012 -- Using volumetric MRI, researchers from the Cleveland Clinic have found that boxers and mixed martial arts fighters who take repeated blows to the head experience neurological changes, such as premature shrinkage in the hippocampus and thalamus regions, most likely related to brain trauma.
Toronto Star: Hospitals won't reveal baby's gender on US
April 18, 2012 -- Whether it's by coincidence or not, six major hospitals in the Toronto metropolitan area that are in or near areas with high concentrations of South Asian immigrants have adopted policies that prohibit sonographers from divulging a baby's gender to expectant mothers, according to a report from the Toronto Star.
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