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Radiation dose must be reduced for molecular breast imaging
June 9, 2010 -- SALT LAKE CITY - Although molecular breast imaging techniques have the potential to carve out a role in screening, dose must be lowered to achieve a comparable benefit-to-risk ratio to mammography, according to a study presented Monday at the SNM annual meeting.
PACS: A culprit in radiology commoditization?
June 9, 2010 -- PACS and teleradiology services have proliferated in hospitals throughout the industrialized world because they can provide rapid, efficient access to images at any time and, in theory, anywhere in the world. But has the adoption of PACS also led to the commoditization of radiology?
SNM: 1 year later, Mo-99 shortage 'a lot worse'
June 8, 2010 -- SALT LAKE CITY - The worldwide molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) shortage is no closer to a solution than it was a year ago; in fact, it's "a lot worse" than in June 2009, when attention about the crisis peaked at SNM's annual meeting in Toronto.
Novel agents and new tools chart molecular imaging's future
June 8, 2010 -- SALT LAKE CITY - Major developments in the detection and treatment of life-threatening diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, prostate cancer, and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma were among the prime scientific papers on display at the SNM annual meeting on Monday.
SNM meeting opens with call for effectiveness research
June 7, 2010 -- SALT LAKE CITY - Appropriate comparative effectiveness research must be developed and utilized to justify the efficacy of nuclear medicine in guiding patient treatment and in the development of new technologies and pharmaceuticals, according to keynote speaker Larry Kessler, ScD.
Quality control is pivotal for CD image import
June 7, 2010 -- MINNEAPOLIS - Successful importing of patient images from CDs into PACS requires careful attention to quality control, according to a presentation at the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine annual meeting.
PET/CT may improve therapy for congestive heart failure patients
June 7, 2010 -- SALT LAKE CITY - German researchers have found that FDG-PET/CT can help determine when cardiac resynchronization therapy is ineffective, and it can identify risk factors that could alter the course of treatment for patients with congestive heart failure, according to a study presented Sunday at the SNM meeting.
Cardiac model favors treadmill then CTA for low-risk patients
June 7, 2010 -- A new cost-effectiveness model gives surprising prominence to the exercise treadmill test for evaluating patients with suspected coronary artery disease. In fact, treadmill plus imaging -- especially coronary CT angiography (CTA) for low-risk patients -- was more cost-effective than any imaging modality alone.
Postmastectomy RT reduces recurrence risk for some
June 7, 2010 -- Postmastectomy radiation therapy (RT) can reduce the risk of recurrence for some breast cancer patients by 28% and increase five-year overall survival by 43%, according to a study in the June issue of the International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics.
SIIM: Healthcare IT industry lags behind consumer industry IT
June 5, 2010 -- MINNEAPOLIS - Imaging informatics has made significant strides since the Dark Ages of 15 years ago, the era of primitive PACS. But healthcare information technology is lagging 20 years behind the times compared to other industries' sophisticated use of IT technology capabilities that exist today.
Analysis of imported images reveals key lessons
June 4, 2010 -- MINNEAPOLIS - Although the importation of outside imaging studies is often performed to reduce repeat imaging exams, transfer of historical images also yields a significant clinical benefit, according to research presented at this week's Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine meeting.
SIIM speakers describe new frontier of business analytics
June 4, 2010 -- MINNEAPOLIS - 2010 is to business analytics as 1990 was to PACS: two technologies with the potential to revolutionize the operations of imaging departments, each poised for takeoff at the beginning of an era, and each being mentored by the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM).
Delayed contrast reactions are frequent and underreported
June 4, 2010 -- Delayed allergic reactions to CT contrast media occur more frequently than previously reported, says a new study in the June issue of Radiology. Radiologists need to keep an eye out for these patients -- who have often already left the facility -- to counsel them and respond appropriately.
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