ECR sketch: Part 2 -- A dummy's guide to lecturing
March 3, 2012 -- VIENNA - The Maverinck attended the European Congress of Radiology (ECR), and to mark the occasion he wrote two special columns. In this second column, he offers advice for those lecturing to a mass audience.
Heavy calcium won't harm CCTA accuracy in advanced scanners
March 2, 2012 -- VIENNA - There's no reason to limit the use of coronary CT angiography (CCTA) in patients with high calcium scores -- as long as the scanner is 64-detector-rows or higher, according to a new meta-analysis of 27 studies presented on Friday at the European Congress of Radiology.
Software tool provides data mining of radiology reports
March 2, 2012 -- VIENNA - A data-mining software platform can analyze text in German radiology reports and provide semantic links between images and textual descriptions, according to a presentation on Friday at the European Congress of Radiology.
New technology could become next primary breast cancer screener
March 2, 2012 -- VIENNA - Multimodal tomography, a 3D nonionizing diagnostic imaging technology, may one day overtake mammography as the primary breast screening method considering its high sensitivity and specificity, according to a Thursday presentation at the European Congress of Radiology.
MRI breast screening works well in Austrian program
March 2, 2012 -- VIENNA - Breast MRI works well in a screening environment, according to results in more than 500 women who were examined in an Austrian national screening program. The modality could obviate the need for ultrasound for screening high-risk women, attendees learned on Thursday at the European Congress of Radiology.
HIMSS: Cloud-based image sharing offers many benefits
March 2, 2012 -- The use of cloud computing technology for radiology image exchange can improve quality of care while decreasing costs and improving relationships with referring institutions and providers, according to a presentation at the annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) meeting.
Digital breast tomosynthesis will replace mammography
March 1, 2012 -- VIENNA - In 10 years, breast tomosynthesis will replace full-field digital mammography because of its higher sensitivity, enhanced image quality, and ability to image dense breasts, predicted a presenter at the European Congress of Radiology on Thursday.
Low-voltage technique slashes radiation dose in CCTA
March 1, 2012 -- VIENNA - The combination of 100-kV CT tube voltage and a low-noise reconstruction filter can significantly lower radiation dose in coronary CT angiography (CCTA) while maintaining image quality, according to a study presented at the European Congress of Radiology.
Irish students excel in radiation prevention education program
March 1, 2012 -- Undergraduate students at University Cork College in the Republic of Ireland are learning a valuable lesson in radiation protection thanks to a new program at the school, which is detailed in the March issue of the Journal of the American College of Radiology.
Growing ECR adds new subspecialties, attendees for 2012
March 1, 2012 -- VIENNA - Among the firsts in store for this year's 2012 European Congress of Radiology (ECR) will be free, live webcasts of key events, including today's opening session, organizers said in a news conference today launching the event. This year's 24th ECR is expecting more than 20,000 participants and 300 vendors from more than 90 countries.
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