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Japanese group finds lower VC sensitivity for carpet lesions
May 26, 2010 -- Some lateral spreading tumors, more commonly known as carpet lesions, can be hard to spot on virtual colonoscopy, say researchers from Japan, although others say the lesions are readily visible, noting VC's known shortcomings in detecting some flat lesions.
Tenn. BCBS completes hard drive theft remediation
May 26, 2010 -- Blue Cross/Blue Shield (BCBS) of Tennessee announced that it has completed its audit, remediation, and notification process for nearly 1 million of its members whose identification and health information had potentially been compromised after a theft of hard drives from a training center last fall.
Leaders in Imaging: Dr. Leonard Berlin
May 25, 2010 -- is pleased to present the first installment of Leaders in Imaging, a series of articles profiling the individuals who are shaping the radiology landscape. Our first interview is with Dr. Leonard Berlin, a frequent speaker on medical malpractice topics and other legal issues in radiology.
Pediatric CT settings should be adjusted to child's body size
May 25, 2010 -- Body diameter measurements, not age, should be the criteria to determine optimal radiation exposure factors for children having CT exams, according to recent research conducted by pediatric radiologists and medical physicists from Children's Hospital Boston.
Virtual radiology: How does it affect knowledge transfer?
May 25, 2010 -- With the launch last month of Radisphere National Radiology Group, some industry watchers wonder if companies like it will erode the radiologist-as-entrepreneur model and replace it with a radiologist-for-hire paradigm. And if these kinds of businesses proliferate, will the shift affect not only how radiologists pass on knowledge to residents, but also how they share knowledge with each other?
Settlement reached in Mad River pediatric CT radiation case
May 24, 2010 -- The family of a 2-year-old boy who received a massive overdose of radiation during a series of CT scans in 2008 has reached a settlement with the Northern California hospital where the incident occurred.
Calif. radiation bill up for Senate discussion
May 24, 2010 -- A bill that would require medical imaging facilities to record the radiation dose from any exam that delivers ionizing radiation is scheduled for discussion on the floor of the California Senate today.
Gadobenate better than gadopentetate contrast in MRA
May 24, 2010 -- Gadobenate dimeglumine offers better performance than gadopentetate dimeglumine in patients undergoing contrast-enhanced MR angiography (MRA) for suspected peripheral arterial occlusive disease, according to a study in the June issue of Radiology.
New software facilitates mining of image data
May 24, 2010 -- Images stored on PACS networks contain a veritable treasure trove of information that could be invaluable in research and clinical practice. To gain easier access to those nuggets, researchers from Luxembourg have developed a software framework that facilitates data mining from DICOM image headers.
Elderly early-stage breast cancer patients don't need RT
May 21, 2010 -- Few women older than 70 who are diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer without lymph node involvement need radiation therapy (RT) after having a lumpectomy, according to the most recent findings of a large multi-institutional trial to be presented next month at the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting.
QA program cuts errors in 3D image processing lab
May 21, 2010 -- SAN FRANCISCO - Implementing a quality assurance program in a centralized 3D image processing lab can reduce the number of errors that occur when technologists reconstruct 3D images, according to a presentation on Wednesday at the International Society for Computed Tomography meeting.
Two Ohio facilities to pay $108M in cardiac kickback case
May 21, 2010 -- Two Ohio hospitals agreed Friday to pay the U.S. government $108 million to settle claims that the institutions violated federal law by unlawfully paying doctors for referrals of cardiac patients.
SPIE: Is MRI-guidance the next step for IGRT?
May 21, 2010 -- Image-guidance has become an invaluable tool within radiation therapy, with recent years seeing a shift toward incorporating image-derived, patient-based information into the treatment process. At the same time, the industry has witnessed the emergence of advanced radiotherapy systems with integrated imaging capabilities.
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