Stereotactic radiosurgery shows promise for renal cancer
January 14, 2013 -- Stereotactic radiosurgery could be a useful treatment option for patients with localized primary renal cancer who do not have a prior history of pelvic or abdominal radiation, and for whom surgery is not appropriate, researchers in Ohio have concluded.
American Cancer Society recommends CT lung screening
January 11, 2013 -- Persuaded by an analysis of clinical studies demonstrating the benefits of lung cancer screening, the American Cancer Society on Friday published guidelines recommending CT screening for long-term current and former smokers. The new rules, however, hew closely to previous guidance that has been criticized as being overly cautious.
1-view tomo more sensitive than 2-view digital mammo
January 11, 2013 -- Among patients with abnormal mammograms, one-view digital breast tomosynthesis showed better sensitivity and negative predictive value than full-field digital mammography for those with fatty and dense breasts, according to a study published in the January issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology.
Frequent PET/CT may boost cancer risk in eye melanoma patients
January 10, 2013 -- California researchers are warning that eye melanoma patients who receive "aggressive" CT or PET/CT scans to monitor spread of the disease are at greater risk for developing a secondary malignant tumor. Their findings were published in the January issue of JAMA Ophthalmology.
Screening is best reserved for those expected to live longer
January 10, 2013 -- Patients signing up for breast or colon cancer screening should have a minimum remaining life expectancy of at least 10 years to boost the chances of benefiting from the exams and overcoming their inherent risks, say researchers from the University of California, San Francisco in an article in BMJ.
Prostate cancer CAD requires zone-specific techniques
January 10, 2013 -- Location is everything. If recent research results are any indication, that old real-estate maxim also appears true for applying computer-aided detection (CAD) technology to the detection of prostate cancer.
Radiology fellows: How to land your 1st job
January 10, 2013 -- There's no denying today's brutal radiology job market, which can seem especially cruel for radiology fellows. But despite the dismal market, understanding the rules of the road can help beginning radiologists land a good job in an institution that supports their career goals.
Study shows DBT plus mammo finds 40% more invasive cancers
January 9, 2013 -- In one of the first large-scale studies of its kind, Norwegian researchers have found that digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) in combination with conventional digital mammography detects 40% more invasive cancers and decreases false-positive rates by 15%.
Beta-blockers improve outcomes of NSCLC patients
January 9, 2013 -- In a large study from MD Anderson Cancer Center, patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) survived longer if they took beta-blockers while receiving treatment that included radiotherapy. Results were published online January 8 in the Annals of Oncology.
Napkin-ring sign at CT shows vulnerable plaque
January 9, 2013 -- CT appears to have a useful way of demonstrating the noncalcified lipid-rich plaques that are at risk of rupturing -- at least the larger ones, according to researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.
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