SAVI breast brachytherapy produces good 4-year outcomes
April 26, 2013 -- Patients who received breast brachytherapy delivered with a strut-based applicator had low recurrence rates and minimal toxicities four years after treatment, according to a presentation at last week's American Brachytherapy Society meeting.
Adding 3D breast tomo to mammography finds more cancers
April 25, 2013 -- Using 3D digital breast tomosynthesis with conventional 2D mammography finds 50% more cancers than 2D imaging alone and also reduces the false-positive rate, according to a new study published online April 25 in Lancet Oncology.
MRI adds to cancer detection in women with breast implants
April 25, 2013 -- When used as an adjunct to mammography and ultrasound, MRI can find additional cancers and provide more detail about their location in patients with breast implants, according to a study from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.
Physician group sues to kill MOC recertification requirements
April 24, 2013 -- Calling physician recertification a "moneymaking scheme" that reduces patient access to doctors, a physician group has filed a federal suit against the American Board of Medical Specialties to kill programs that require doctors to continually renew their medical certifications, even if they have passed their board exams.
Radiologists prefer CAD with fewer clicks
April 24, 2013 -- Radiologists prefer computer-aided detection (CAD) software that gives them necessary information with the fewest clicks possible and is closely integrated with PACS, rather than applications that require multiple manual steps to interrogate data, according to a team of German researchers.
Top 10 things to consider when replacing your PACS
April 24, 2013 -- Many institutions are at a point where they need to replace their PACS. Whether this process is undertaken with a new or current PACS vendor, it's a perfect opportunity to redesign the system's architecture to prepare for the future, according to Herman Oosterwijk of PACS consulting firm OTech.
Cryoablation of lung tumors shows promise as treatment
April 24, 2013 -- Cryoablation of metastatic lung tumors up to 3.5 cm in size appears to be an effective treatment, according to early results of a multicenter clinical trial presented at last week's Society of Interventional Radiology annual meeting.
MRI shows brain atrophy's potential link to multiple sclerosis
April 23, 2013 -- MR images show that when the thalamic and central regions of the brain atrophy, individuals have a greater chance of developing multiple sclerosis over the course of two years, according to a study published online April 23 in Radiology.
Survey finds growth in use of department dashboards
April 23, 2013 -- The use of dashboards to measure key radiology performance indicators is starting to proliferate, and a new study in the April issue of the Journal of the American College of Radiology offers insight into what academic radiology departments are doing.
Changes in breast density point to tamoxifen's effectiveness
April 22, 2013 -- If women being treated with tamoxifen for breast cancer see their breast density drop, they may have a 50% lower risk of dying from the disease, according to a new study by Swedish researchers published online April 22 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.
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