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Split-course RT aids advanced lung cancer patients
March 1, 2010 -- Radiation therapy (RT) may provide relief to patients with unpleasant chest symptoms from advanced non-small cell lung cancer if they can tolerate the treatment. But those who could benefit the most may not be strong enough to complete a course of palliative radiation therapy.
Congress surprised at lack of medical radiation oversight
February 26, 2010 -- Federal lawmakers expressed surprise at the lack of regulatory oversight over medical uses of radiation at hearings in the U.S. Congress. While everyone in attendance agreed that the current regulatory environment needs fixing, the thorny question is how to go about doing it.
Breast MRI excels at high-risk screening; mammo not needed
February 26, 2010 -- Breast MRI is three times as accurate as other modalities for diagnosing breast cancer early in high-risk women, and it's so good that mammography isn't needed for annual screening of these women, according to a new study by German researchers published online this week in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.
FFDM and CAD find smaller breast tumors
February 26, 2010 -- Full-field digital mammography (FFDM) can facilitate increased detection of smaller tumors compared to conventional mammography. But adding computer-aided detection (CAD) technology to FFDM can yield even better results, according to researchers at the Hospital Virgen de la Salud in Toledo, Spain.
CT blood-flow measurement gauges stenosis severity
February 26, 2010 -- 64-detector-row CT has sufficient temporal resolution to measure blood flow through the heart, offering the promise of a new functional test based on CT alone, according to a proof-of-concept study by German researchers.
RT plus chemo can preserve larynx in head and neck cancer
February 26, 2010 -- Induction chemotherapy followed by radiation therapy (RT) has produced good outcomes in larynx preservation for patients with advanced head and neck cancers, according to data presented this week at the Multidisciplinary Head and Neck Cancer Symposium in Chandler, AZ.
Missouri hospital admits to radiation therapy overdoses
February 25, 2010 -- A hospital in Missouri on February 24 acknowledged that 76 patients received too much radiation during radiation therapy procedures conducted between 2004 and 2009 -- the latest incident in what's become a series of errors regarding the medical use of radiation.
MITA unveils radiation dose warning system for CT scanners
February 25, 2010 -- In a bid to get ahead of the radiation dose issue, healthcare industry trade group Medical Imaging and Technology Alliance (MITA) of Arlington, VA, today announced the development of a new radiation dose safeguard program.
FDA meeting to address radiation-reduction initiative
February 25, 2010 -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration will hold a public meeting March 30-31 to discuss steps that manufacturers of CT and fluoroscopy systems can take to reduce unnecessary patient exposure to radiation.
Study finds wide variations in global pediatric CT dose
February 25, 2010 -- A new report published this month offers good news and bad news regarding pediatric CT radiation dose in developing countries. The bad news: Pediatric CT dose varies widely internationally, and some sites have been using adult protocols on children. The good news: Education can spur CT sites to change their ways.
Image Gently achieves global reach by 2nd anniversary
February 25, 2010 -- The Image Gently campaign reached its second birthday last month, and while no official parties were held, there are plenty of reasons for children to celebrate. Image Gently has evolved from a modest, volunteer-driven initiative focused on North America into a global movement to raise awareness of radiation dose.
CT explores size, growth of ground-glass nodules
February 24, 2010 -- Two studies recently published online in Radiology yield important new information about CT-detected part-solid lung nodules. Mass measurements of ground-glass nodules are the most accurate, say Dutch researchers, but a Korean group found that most part-solid nodules disappear over time -- and do so in predictable ways.
VC obviates need for colonoscopy even in symptomatic patients
February 24, 2010 -- Even among individuals with symptoms suggesting a higher risk of colorectal polyps and cancer, virtual colonoscopy screening is enough to prevent most of them from having to undergo invasive colonoscopy, according to a recent study from the Netherlands.
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