Exclusive: Interview with ECR's 1st Spanish president
February 13, 2013 -- Dr. José Ignacio Bilbao will become the first Spanish president of the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) next month. He cares deeply about training and education, and has some strong views about the future of interventional radiology. Outside of work, he has a passion for architecture and good food.
Whole-body MRI has mixed results in pediatric cancer patients
February 13, 2013 -- While whole-body MRI detected more skeletal lesions on average than conventional imaging among pediatric patients, the modality was less able to find lung metastases in the same group of subjects, according to a study in the February issue of Radiology.
Moments in Radiology History: Part 12 -- Radioisotopes
February 13, 2013 -- In the latest Moments in Radiology History column, historian Otha Linton traces the path of radioisotopes from physicist Antoine Henri Becquerel and the Curies to cyclotrons in California, the first treatments of cancer patients, and World War II and the atomic bomb.
Prostate cancer patients pleased with QOL after proton therapy
February 13, 2013 -- More than 90% of prostate cancer patients who received proton therapy said they were satisfied with their treatment and subsequent quality of life (QOL), according to survey results presented on Wednesday at the National Proton Conference being held this week in Washington, DC.
RadSnap delivers imaging expertise to smartphones
February 12, 2013 -- Wouldn't it be great if an app delivered imaging consultations on difficult cases straight to your smartphone? Wish no more: A new app called RadSnap allows physicians to take a picture of a case with their smartphone and submit it to a network of experts for advice.
SNMMI builds global ties with China partnership
February 12, 2013 -- The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) and the Chinese Society of Nuclear Medicine may be worlds apart on a map, but when it comes to priorities and advancing the specialty, the two organizations have much in common.
CT, MR don't improve outcomes of some stroke patients
February 11, 2013 -- Using advanced imaging following the onset of ischemic stroke to identify patients who would benefit from mechanical clot removal does not improve patient selection for use of the technology, according to a study published on Friday in the New England Journal of Medicine.
Residents do well in overnight reads, but miss a few
February 11, 2013 -- Radiology residents are generally accurate in their interpretations of emergency department CT studies performed on overnight call, though they do miss a handful of important findings, concluded a study from University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland.
Wide-area 4D CT gives hope in cases of 'inoperable' lung cancer
February 11, 2013 -- Lung cancer patients with invasive tumors near vital structures are often thought to be inoperable cases. But these patients could gain new hope thanks to a dynamic 4D wide-area CT technique that is able to see the tumors in motion, helping clinicians give the go-ahead for surgical resection.
Imaging biomarkers show promise for cancer treatment response
February 8, 2013 -- Imaging biomarkers show promise as tools to assess patient response to chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Research on the use of biomarkers for brain tumors and esophageal cancers was presented in scientific sessions at the Cancer Imaging and Radiation Therapy Symposium, held February 8 and 9 in Orlando, FL.
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