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New software facilitates mining of image data
May 24, 2010 -- Images stored on PACS networks contain a veritable treasure trove of information that could be invaluable in research and clinical practice. To gain easier access to those nuggets, researchers from Luxembourg have developed a software framework that facilitates data mining from DICOM image headers.
Elderly early-stage breast cancer patients don't need RT
May 21, 2010 -- Few women older than 70 who are diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer without lymph node involvement need radiation therapy (RT) after having a lumpectomy, according to the most recent findings of a large multi-institutional trial to be presented next month at the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting.
QA program cuts errors in 3D image processing lab
May 21, 2010 -- SAN FRANCISCO - Implementing a quality assurance program in a centralized 3D image processing lab can reduce the number of errors that occur when technologists reconstruct 3D images, according to a presentation on Wednesday at the International Society for Computed Tomography meeting.
Two Ohio facilities to pay $108M in cardiac kickback case
May 21, 2010 -- Two Ohio hospitals agreed Friday to pay the U.S. government $108 million to settle claims that the institutions violated federal law by unlawfully paying doctors for referrals of cardiac patients.
SPIE: Is MRI-guidance the next step for IGRT?
May 21, 2010 -- Image-guidance has become an invaluable tool within radiation therapy, with recent years seeing a shift toward incorporating image-derived, patient-based information into the treatment process. At the same time, the industry has witnessed the emergence of advanced radiotherapy systems with integrated imaging capabilities.
Large study confirms CT's accuracy for acute appendicitis
May 20, 2010 -- SAN FRANCISCO - One of the largest CT studies to date of acute appendicitis has confirmed the modality's sky-high diagnostic accuracy. The results also showed that CT is relatively insensitive to imaging technique, though the researchers said they have come to favor the use of oral contrast.
Life after healthcare reform: Tracking finances proactively
May 20, 2010 -- In the second part of our two-part series on life after healthcare reform, imaging experts provide advice on how radiology groups and imaging centers can organize their operations so that they thrive in a reimbursement environment that's increasingly tight.
ISCT speakers offer advice on managing CT contrast reactions
May 19, 2010 -- SAN FRANCISCO - Can radiologists better manage adverse reactions from contrast media used during CT studies? Yes, according to a series of presentations on Tuesday at the International Society for Computed Tomography (ISCT) meeting that offered attendees strategies for reducing adverse contrast reactions.
Reduced-voltage cardiac CT works fine -- if you know the rules
May 19, 2010 -- SAN FRANCISCO - Backed by growing clinical evidence, radiologists should step up to the plate and cut the tube voltage in their cardiovascular CT protocols. But getting the benefits without the pitfalls means paying attention to some technical considerations.
320-slice CT identifies vocal cord dysfunction in asthma patients
May 19, 2010 -- NEW ORLEANS - Researchers from Australia at this week's American Thoracic Society meeting suggested that dynamic 320-slice CT can noninvasively pinpoint vocal cord dysfunction among patients with asthma.
Imorgon aims to carve out ultrasound PACS niche
May 19, 2010 -- Dissatisfaction with ultrasound functionality on PACS workstations has been an age-old complaint, leading many institutions to install separate ultrasound PACS to meet their needs. But what if powerful ultrasound capabilities were available within traditional PACS workstation software, offering the best of both worlds?
ACC task force releases 2010 policy on CTA, CMR
May 19, 2010 -- The American College of Cardiology (ACC) Foundation Task Force on Expert Consensus Documents has published the 2010 version of its views on coronary CT angiography (CTA) and cardiac MRI (CMR), detailing the strengths and weaknesses of each technology.
MBIR aims to outshine ASIR for sharpness, CT dose reduction
May 18, 2010 -- Recent studies indicate that CT scanning with an adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction (ASIR) algorithm offers better image quality at a lower radiation dose. But a new algorithm, called model-based iterative reconstruction (MBIR), could be even better, according to a presentation today at the International Society for Computed Tomography meeting.
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