Medicare to cut analog x-ray payments starting in 2017
February 8, 2016 -- As part of a push to nudge U.S. healthcare providers to adopt digital radiography, the Medicare system will begin reducing payments for exams performed on analog x-ray systems starting in 2017. The year after that, sites using computed radiography equipment will also see payment reductions.
U.K. software assesses radiographers who read images
February 8, 2016 -- In the U.S., the interpretation of medical images has long been considered the purview of radiologists. But things are different across the Atlantic Ocean, particularly in the U.K., where radiographers are being called on to interpret images in some situations. The question is, how well are they doing?
Male breast masses require careful investigation
February 8, 2016 -- It's essential to remember male breasts are not unique, with imaging features that are similar to those of the female breast. Use your knowledge of the female breast and apply it with a higher level of suspicion in the male breast, said researchers in Saudi Arabia and Canada.
CIOs must work magic when dealing with enterprise PACS
February 5, 2016 -- CIOs don't have to be miracle workers to master enterprise PACS for their institutions, but being able to work a little magic might help. In this article, Michael J. Cannavo, aka the PACSman, offers his advice to CIOs who are bringing PACS into their overall healthcare IT strategy.
Article blasts LNT theory of radiation harm
February 5, 2016 -- An article in the American Journal of Clinical Oncology calls for the abandonment of the linear no-threshold (LNT) model, which holds that even low levels of radiation -- similar to those used in medical imaging -- can be harmful.
How to train movement to live, work, and play pain-free
February 4, 2016 -- For the past five years on, coach Mark Roozen and sonographer Doug Wuebben have offered advice to sonographers on how they can correct the movement problems that lead to job-related pain and discomfort. We've collected their years of wisdom into a single downloadable resource that is available for free to members.
Living Pain-Free: Sonographer back pain, part 5
February 4, 2016 -- In the fifth part of their series on correcting the movement problems that cause back pain, coach Mark Roozen and echocardiographer Doug Wuebben address the quadratus lumborum muscle, an often-overlooked source of back pain for sonographers.
Can ultrasound for deep vein thrombosis cause a PE?
February 4, 2016 -- Although it's an extremely rare event, ultrasound exams performed for deep vein thrombosis can dislodge blood clots that can then embolize into the vasculature and cause a pulmonary embolism (PE), according to a paper published online in Seminars in Thrombosis and Hemostasis.
X-ray reveals secrets of Haitian voodoo dolls
February 3, 2016 -- X-ray can help unpack the secrets of the Haitian practice of voodoo, according to a pictorial review published in the Journal of Forensic Radiology and Imaging.
A few simple ways to improve radiology efficiency
February 3, 2016 -- Many radiologists report working longer hours for less reimbursement with decreasing job satisfaction. Few practices have implemented a business strategy to correct this seemingly inexorable path of more work for less pay. In this article, Dr. Nicolas Argy offers several simple suggestions for improving radiology efficiency.
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