Hospital slashes response time for stat mobile x-ray
October 13, 2015 -- A Texas hospital was able to cut radiologic technologist response time to 10 minutes for orders for stat mobile x-ray exams from the facility's medical intensive care unit, according to a September 29 article in the Journal of the American College of Radiology.
BMJ: Dutch data show breast cancer screening works
October 13, 2015 -- The Dutch example of breast cancer screening works, and mammography screening is a clear way of detecting cancer early, along with increased breast cancer awareness, according to the authors of a new study published in BMJ.
Choosing Wisely drives down imaging use -- sometimes
October 12, 2015 -- The Choosing Wisely initiative seems to have successfully reduced unnecessary utilization of two imaging exams in the U.S. that appeared on a list of overused medical tests, according to a study published October 12 in JAMA Internal Medicine. But two other questionable imaging tests saw no decline.
3D printing helps shape radiation therapy to patients
October 12, 2015 -- New uses abound for 3D printing -- and now you can add radiation therapy to the list. A Canadian medical physicist has developed a 3D printing technique that converts data from CT scans of patients into wearable pads that help radiation beams conform to patient anatomy.
Study finds emergency CT use leads to diagnosis changes
October 9, 2015 -- A new study in Radiology is offering a riposte to those who question whether CT is being overused to evaluate patients in the emergency department. The review of more than 1,200 patient cases found that the use of CT often led to changes in patient management.
ISO certification: Why it's important to you
October 9, 2015 -- While medical device companies often tout International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certifications, potential customers may not understand what these certifications actually prove. But a little due diligence can clear up any uncertainty, writes Summit Imaging CEO Larry Nguyen.
Advocates for NaF-PET plan rebound from CMS decision
October 8, 2015 -- In a word, "disappointment" is how members of the nuclear medicine and radiology communities are reacting to last month's rejection by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) of a proposal to loosen restrictions on reimbursement for sodium fluoride (NaF) PET scans to detect bone metastases.
Women say mammograms are crucial -- but don't get them
October 8, 2015 -- Although more than three-quarters of women strongly agree that getting regular mammography screening is important, just over half actually follow through, according to a study published in the September Journal of Women's Health. The study highlights a need for mammography awareness beyond just painting things pink.
U.S. government finalizes meaningful use regulations
October 8, 2015 -- With the goal of making its meaningful use IT stimulus initiative simpler and more flexible for providers, the U.S. government has issued final rules for its incentive and certification program for electronic health record software.
Preparing for ICD-10: How to document pain
October 7, 2015 -- By this time, most people working in healthcare are aware of the October 1 deadline to begin using ICD-10-CM in place of ICD-9-CM for reporting diagnoses to Medicare. In this article, Carin Carlson of Healthcare Administrative Partners takes a look at how the new codes apply to the documentation of pain.
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