Simulation training boosts cardiac surgery skills
September 21, 2016 -- Thoracic surgery residents mastered complex cardiothoracic surgery skills after participating in a surgery simulation training program, according to a pair of papers in the Annals of Thoracic Surgery that examined the effectiveness of the virtual operating theater-based course and solicited trainees' experiences.
ACOs boost use of screening mammography
September 20, 2016 -- Healthcare reforms such as accountable care organizations (ACOs) appear to boost utilization rates for screening mammography -- for some demographic groups by as much as 42%. This suggests that incentive-based programs like ACOs could boost quality and cut costs, according to a new study published online September 20 in Radiology.
MR/TRUS fusion biopsy targets high-risk prostate cancer
September 20, 2016 -- Targeted prostate biopsies guided by fused MR and transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) images can detect more cases of aggressive prostate cancer than traditional systematic biopsies guided by TRUS alone, according to a multicenter study published recently in Urologic Oncology: Seminars and Original Investigations.
Stars align behind new residency program in Buffalo
September 19, 2016 -- It's not every day that a new radiology residency program starts up in the U.S. But the stars are aligning in western New York, where the local healthcare community is coming to together to start training future radiologists again at the University at Buffalo.
Action on CT dose brings results in Middle East
September 19, 2016 -- A multicenter study conducted in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates has underlined the value of implementing dose-reduction techniques for coronary CT angiography and coronary calcium score examinations.
Blunt abdominopelvic trauma algorithm cuts CT use in ER
September 16, 2016 -- Nearly one-third fewer patients presenting to the emergency department with blunt abdominopelvic trauma ended up getting a CT scan after a Boston hospital implemented a clinical algorithm to triage patients away from unnecessary CT exams, according to a new study published September 12 in Radiology.
Mobile App Spotlight: RADiDOC
September 16, 2016 -- presents the next article in an ongoing series highlighting notable mobile apps in radiology. In this installment, we take a look at RADiDOC, an iOS app designed to serve as a personal radiation safety digital assistant.
Migrants: How to determine age on pelvic x-rays
September 16, 2016 -- In an attempt to assist decision-makers in the migrant crisis, Turkish researchers have redoubled their efforts to identify an accurate way of evaluating bone age using pelvic radiographs in young adults.
Imaging helps guide Hillary Clinton's medical care
September 15, 2016 -- A summary of Hillary Clinton's medical history released on September 14 includes several instances in which medical imaging was used to guide treatment of the presidential candidate.
#MyRadGirlfriend No. 4: First date
September 15, 2016 -- What's it like dating a second-year radiology resident? Learn about the trials and tribulations of radiology relationships from another point of view with #MyRadGirlfriend, an ongoing weekly comic strip by Ryan McBeth.