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  • Top 5 trends from RSNA 2016 in Chicago
    With McCormick Place in the rearview mirror, it's always useful to take a look back at radiology's showcase conference for signs of trends to come in medical imaging.

  • VA scales back proposal on nurses reading imaging exams
    In a victory for radiologists, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has scaled back a proposal that grants expanded duties to advanced-level nurses within the VA system, by removing language that some observers believed could have allowed nurses to perform and interpret medical imaging studies.

  • Could wearable devices change practice of radiology?
    CHICAGO - Wearable visual overlay devices such as Google Glass and Microsoft's HoloLens may offer value in a number of radiology applications, according to a poster presentation at the 2016 RSNA meeting.

  • Pediatric MRI safety needs to target youngest patients
    Pediatric patients younger than 6 years old are the most vulnerable when it comes to MRI safety issues, according to a study performed at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and presented at RSNA 2016. The findings have prompted a call for quality improvements when it comes to scanning kids.

  • CMS declines to revisit CT colonography coverage
    In a stunning year-end setback for screening CT colonography, the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has turned down a request by advocates for CT colonography to reconsider its 2009 decision not to pay for the imaging-based colon cancer screening exam.

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