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  • Toshiba taps Canon as exclusive suitor for medical division
    Canon appears to be the winner of the bidding war for Toshiba Medical Systems. Japanese industrial conglomerate Toshiba announced that it has awarded Canon exclusive negotiation rights to buy its profitable medical division.

  • Danger of 'gadolinium phobia' looms in Europe
    VIENNA - There's a serious risk of a phobia developing over the use of gadolinium-based MRI contrast agents, following the recent publication of a stinging attack on these agents in a German newspaper, ECR 2016 delegates were told at a highly charged special focus session on brain hypersignals after repeated gadolinium administrations.

  • New study adds to concerns about gadolinium deposition
    A new study has found that deposition of gadolinium from MRI contrast in brain and bone tissue could be more common than previously thought. Researchers found traces of gadolinium in patients who received a class of MRI contrast agents that are more stable and thus were thought to be less prone to deposition.

  • Toshiba completes $6B deal to sell medical unit to Canon
    Japanese industrial conglomerate Toshiba said on March 17 that it has completed a deal to sell its Toshiba Medical Systems division to Canon for $5.9 billion. At the same time, Canon reported that it is moving ahead with plans to integrate the division into its existing healthcare operations.

  • Medicare outlines payment rules for CT lung cancer screening
    The Medicare system has finally provided more detail on the particulars regarding billing and reimbursement for low-dose CT lung cancer screening exams. Carin Carlson of Healthcare Administrative Partners offers guidance to imaging facilities on what they'll need to do to secure reimbursement for these exams.

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