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  • MRI use causes gadolinium levels to rise in SF Bay
    A new study has found that levels of gadolinium have been rising steadily in the waters of San Francisco Bay over the past two decades. The study attributes the rising levels to growing use of gadolinium for scientific and medical applications, in particular as a contrast agent for MRI scanning.

  • The year ahead in radiology: 9 trends to watch in 2016
    What does the year ahead hold for radiology? From a growing reliance on big data for improved efficiency to the emergence of 3D printing as a clinical tool, medical imaging will continue to experience the constant evolution that is a hallmark of the specialty.

  • The Case for Deconstructed PACS: Proprietary PACS, basic VNAs will be extinct
    The concept of "deconstructed PACS" has generated much interest and controversy, but does that model make the most sense for healthcare institutions? Dr. Nick van Terheyden of Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences makes the case that proprietary PACS and even simple vendor-neutral archives (VNAs) are headed for extinction.

  • Aspirin could reduce breast density by almost 40%
    Almost half of women eligible for mammography screening have dense breast tissue, and density has been linked to increased cancer risk. But what if a simple intervention could reduce a woman's risk -- even before she gets to screening?

  • MRI waiting room amenities improve patient satisfaction
    MRI centers that provide a comfortable waiting environment with a variety of conveniences may see happier patients -- who may even believe they're spending less time waiting, according to a study published online January 4 in the Journal of the American College of Radiology.

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