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CHICAGO - People in the U.S. are getting so heavy that, even though they are most likely to be at risk for major diseases, they may outweigh the ability to be treated. The reason? The patients are too heavy to be accommodated by most standard imaging devices, according to a presentation at this week's RSNA 2007 meeting.  
CHICAGO - Directly communicating abnormal findings and follow-up recommendations to clinicians does not guarantee they will always follow through with additional imaging studies, according to research presented Wednesday at the 2007 RSNA meeting.  
CHICAGO - Radiation dose is shaping the debate over coronary CT angiography (CTA) more than any other factor. Even if the test is useful for evaluating coronary artery disease, the question of clinical utility versus the 10-15 mSv radiation dose makes it harder to justify. In a presentation Wednesday at the RSNA 2007 meeting, researchers from France shared their experience in performing more than 1,000 cardiac exams using a step-and-shoot mode.  
CHICAGO - Pregnant women underwent an increasing number of radiologic examinations during the past 10 years -- even though the number of deliveries increased only modestly, according to a new study presented Tuesday at the RSNA 2007 meeting.  
CHICAGO - Acute toxicities experienced by women undergoing chemoradiation treatment for gynecologic malignancies were well-tolerated in a recent study, according to a presentation Wednesday at the 2007 RSNA meeting. In addition, toxicity was no worse than treatment with radiation alone, the researchers reported.  
CHICAGO - It's not just so-called weekend warriors who are prone to injury: professionals who perform repetitive tasks every day of the week are vulnerable to stress on their bodies as well. And radiologists, particularly those working in a PACS-based environment, are not exempt, according to a presentation at this week's RSNA 2007 meeting.  

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