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CHICAGO - A just-concluded five-year lung cancer screening study found that tumor doubling times can be very long in nearly a quarter of female patients, suggesting that overdiagnosis may be a stronger factor than previously believed, at least in women.  
CHICAGO - Adoption of PACS may lead to an increase in incidental findings and follow-up imaging exams, according to researchers from Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) Hospital in Philadelphia. They presented their study on incidental findings in cervical spine MRI reports from PACS at the RSNA meeting on Wednesday.  
CHICAGO - U.S.-trained and board-certified radiologists aren't the only ones who disapprove the use of foreign-trained, overseas radiologists to provide diagnostic imaging interpretative services for the U.S. healthcare market. Given a choice, referring physicians also express a strong preference for domestic radiology services, according to survey results presented at the 2006 RSNA meeting.  
CHICAGO - PACS consultant Michael J. Cannavo shares his thoughts on the PACS vendor exhibits and products at the 2006 RSNA meeting, and dishes out his annual PACSman Awards.  
CHICAGO - Automated breast ultrasound (ABUS) can detect new breast lesions as well as confirm findings previously spotted on mammography, according to the phase II results of a screening trial at the Elizabeth Wende Breast Clinic in Rochester, NY. Lead investigator Dr. Stamatia Destounis presented her group's findings Wednesday at the RSNA meeting.  
CHICAGO - Men who have maintained relatively high sperm motility despite the development of varicoceles may improve fertility by undergoing spermatic vein embolization, according to a team of German interventional radiologists. The researchers used Doppler ultrasound to monitor the treatment results of 223 men who underwent endovascular embolization.  
CHICAGO - The use of multiplanar reconstructions (MPRs) can help identify the site, level, and cause of acute abdominal diseases when transverse multidetector-row (MDCT) findings are indeterminate, according to research presented on Tuesday at the 2006 RSNA meeting.  
CHICAGO - That nagging pain in your back might actually be caused by changes in the microstructure of your brain, according to a study presented at the 2006 RSNA meeting. German researchers used diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) with a 1.5-tesla MRI system to compare the brain function of patients with and without chronic low back pain.  
CHICAGO - Agfa HealthCare of Greenville, SC, is pointing visitors to its RSNA booth to PACS software enhancements that include support for digital mammography studies. The company is also launching a new version of its Musica image processing software.  
CHICAGO - Long known for its computed radiography (CR) technology, Fujifilm Medical Systems USA of Stamford, CT, is using this week's RSNA show as a springboard to highlight its launch of the company's first radiography systems based on solid-state digital detectors. The company is also making the most of momentum generated by regulatory approval of its CR mammography system, and is also showing new enhancements for its Synapse line of PACS software.  

Rain hit the Windy City on Wednesday during RSNA 2006.
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