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CHICAGO - Although it's still in the investigational stage, breast tomosynthesis seems to offer the proverbial win-win situation, improving the sensitivity and specificity of cancer diagnosis, while also earning high marks from patients as a more comfortable exam, according to two studies presented Tuesday at the 2006 RSNA meeting.  
CHICAGO - Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (H-MRS) has provided the first proof that smoking changes the chemistry of the brain -- but the good news is that the changes can be reversed, according to researchers from Germany.  
CHICAGO - Hybrid imaging with PET/CT for osseous lymphomatous deposits allows physicians to take advantage of the strengths of each modality -- the morphological capabilities of CT and functional capabilities of PET help identify the metabolically active bony lesions in lymphoma patients, according to a study presented Monday afternoon at the 2006 RSNA conference.  
CHICAGO - Contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) significantly improves the diagnostic performance of radiologists characterizing hypoechoic focal lesions in fatty livers, according to researchers from the University of Palermo in Italy. They presented their study findings at the 2006 RSNA meeting on Tuesday.  
CHICAGO - Healthcare imaging and IT vendor Eastman Kodak Health Group of Rochester, NY, is emphasizing a new digital radiography (DR) system in its RSNA booth, and is also showing a work-in-progress computed radiography (CR) mammography system that is entering the final phases of U.S. regulatory review.  
CHICAGO - A clinical study presented Monday at the 2006 RSNA meeting found that electronic stool subtraction helped radiologists find more medium-sized polyps with prepless virtual colonoscopy, although it also added a few false positives and reduced specificity.  
CHICAGO - New MRI scanners -- including the company's first 3-tesla magnet -- and the first U.S. beta installation of a work-in-progress 256-slice CT scanner are among the RSNA highlights in the booth of multimodality vendor Toshiba America Medical Systems. The Tustin, CA, company is also promoting a new line of x-ray angiography systems and upgrades to its ultrasound technology.  
CHICAGO - PET has a well-established role for distinguishing benign from malignant lung nodules when CT is inconclusive. Now radiologists have tapped the power of artificial neural networks (ANNs) for a computer-aided detection (CAD) scheme that determines whether PET results can improve the performance of CT-based lung CAD.  
CHICAGO - Fifty percent or more of the negative breast cancer biopsies performed in the U.S. might be eliminated using ultrasound "elasticity" testing, according to a preliminary study presented at the 2006 RSNA meeting.  
CHICAGO - Siemens Medical Solutions of Malvern, PA, is shining the RSNA spotlight on new ultrasound scanners being introduced at the Chicago meeting, as well as enhancements and upgrades for its CT and MRI scanners. The company is also touting new products in its women's health division, such as a new breast biopsy table and a corporate alliance for CR mammography.  

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